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The front lever is just an amazing skill. It’s a beautiful illusion as if you’re floating in mid-air, defying gravity and pushing the human body to its limits. Gymnasts are the ones usually seen doing these advanced skills, but this shouldn’t hinder you from learning the skill; yet motivate you.

The front lever is an advanced bodyweight skill that puts so much load on your shoulders, core, and back that you must be well prepared before trying it out. Don’t worry. There are proper progressions for you to follow.


To train the front lever, progressions are available for intermediate athlete status. There are also easier progressions even for beginners so you can start attempting the front lever as early as possible. But to learn the front lever itself, you should already have mastered the moves below to ensure fast and safe learning of the skill:

  • Straddle front lever
  • Dragon flag
  • High scapula pulls and hold
  • Front lever negative


✅Summarized Benefits

  1. Strengthens core muscles
  2. Strengthens the scapula in the retracted position
  3. Trains back and shoulder muscles
  4. Improves grip strength
  5. Trains full body stabilization
  6. Enhances body awareness and control
  7. Gains are transferable to other advanced skills
  8. Awesome looking skill

How to Perform💪

  1. Arms shoulders width apart, grab the rings or the bar.
  2. Retract scapula and depress your shoulder
  3. Pull your lats backward so you’ll have your chest up high at the back
  4. Your upper body should be in a horizontal plane, follow with the legs in a 90 degree tucked position
  5. Extend the legs without losing contraction and body form. The whole body should be parallel to the ground
  6. Hold the position for the set amount of time
  7. Lower down to the body in a controlled manner

👉Keep in mind

Learning an advanced skill means you have to keep in mind several things before and during training the skill.

  1. Always keep scapula retraction from begging to end of skill
  2. Straight arms. Don’t bend because that’s cheating. That lessens the stress on the shoulder joint and puts it on the bicep instead. That’s not a proper form of a front lever
  3. Keep your body straight. Don’t let your back arch or round. 
  4. Engage the whole body throughout the movement
  5. Engage even your legs especially when you’re straightening it for the static hold
  6. Breathe during the static hold
  7. It’s better to control your way to the front lever than jumping to the position. This give you time to be mindful and correct every part of your form.


Coaching Pointers

Starting Position:

Scapula retracted

Shoulders depressed

Anterior pelvic tilt

Straight back

90 degree bent knees to avoid                     rounding of the back

Straight arms

Pointed toes

Movement Position:

Extend your legs

Full body contraction

Scapula still retracted

Breathe while holding the position

Finish Position:

Lower your body in a controlled                           manner to a relaxed position