How to hold a handstand

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🤸‍♀️Handstand Balance & Falling Drills

Upon conquering your fears on tilting, the next biggest challenge is holding your balance. There are a number of drills you can do in order to finally master balance. 

Here’s Coach Becky of The Movement Athlete on how to figure out how to balance well.


💡Tips for balance



This is what we’ve mentioned earlier: doing a handstand has the same principles of standing on your feet.

Controlling your balance with your feet is essential to keep upright. When you fall forward, you apply pressure on your toes. When you fall backwards, you apply pressure on your heels.

Now try this as our coaches demonstrated, on your fours. Knees and hands on the floor. Shift your body forward then control your body by applying pressure on your fingers. As you can see the pattern, you’ll apply pressure on the base of your palm when shifting your weight backwards.

So in holding a free-standing handstand, sample principle applies.

As you can see inside your handstand progression we incorporated a number of drills that will show up in your training at strategic times so you can practice both falling and balance drills. 

These are:



1. Under Kick


2. Over Kick


3. Kick up Practice


4. L-Stand Shrugs


⌛️How long does it take to learn handstand?

The honest answer is: it depends on numerous factors as well as individual’s situation and skills. 

Even if you’re a complete beginner, you might get it faster or slower compared to others.
But let me tell you that it very much achievable and within your reach even if you’re not a full-time professional buff dude/dudette. It just requires your time and effort. 

📌Whatever your situation may be, you can eventually and surely learn how to do a handstand as long as you don’t quit! 💪 

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