Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athletespeople just like you that are working with their own body weight to get strength, lose fat build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives!

Do you want to train like how athletes and warriors from ancient Greece developed their strength and body mastery?😱

Konstantinos, a 34-year-old physics teacher from Greece, channels his inner Spartan to combat the inevitable effects of aging while getting stronger, more flexible, and more comfortable with his movements using only his body weight. 

Here’s his story.


Building 💪strength like a Spartan

“I knew about calisthenics from ancient Greece, and I would like to try something that potentially could increase my strength and my flexibility using my body weight.”

Calisthenics came from two Greek words calos meaning beauty and sthenos meaning strength.

Historians have found records of Greeks, particularly warriors such as Spartans, who used their body weight to develop strength and athleticism for combat.

In today’s age, 🤸 calisthenics has gained popularity in developing one’s physique. However, calisthenics is a more holistic approach that can develop multiple fitness attributes.

Konstantinos realised this approach can benefit him in which we will talk more about later on.


Getting wiser with training

“As I was getting older, I thought that my training program should be more targeted to my needs.”

Konstantinos was a former volleyball player in his younger years. This means his body was used to sudden high-impact movements and explosive jumps and 🏃spikes for the sport.

However, he understands that as we all age, our bodies change. It’s not as powerful, sturdy, or resilient to sudden bursts of energy.

Konstantinos can still play his favorite sport but he can’t attack the ball with the same veracity as he used to when he was younger.

Research shows that the human body tends to lose muscle as early as 30 years old. In addition, metabolism slows down. Muscles💪 aren’t for aesthetic and performance purposes only. It helps with regular movement functions.

Exercise is great for minimizing the risk of heart disease that comes along with old age. However, not all exercises are the same.

👊Maintaining function with Calisthenics

Calisthenics is a type of resistance exercise that uses your own body weight to build strength and muscle. You need to fight against gravity to push, pull, or hold your body weight in mechanically disadvantageous positions.

This in turn helps build muscle that can serve its function even as we age. In fact, 2021 research showed that older adults even at the ages of 80+ can still train with resistance that eventually helps them walk and stand on their own.

🤜 Konstantinos realised the importance of calisthenics for longevity which is why he chose calisthenics for his fitness approach.

Learn more here: 📍How to Build Muscle with Calisthenics


Not all calisthenics are the same😢

“As I was searching how to start with calisthenics, I found hundreds of exercises, so I got lost.”

⚡️Unfortunately for Konstantinos, like not all exercises are the same, not all calisthenics are created equal.

Bodyweight exercises has been existing for a long time. In addition, calisthenics has been even more popular since the pandemic and lockdown.👀

There are tons of both good and bad information on the internet about fitness in general and the approach. There are many conflicting training philosophies and contradicting notions of movement.

This is why filtering which one is relevant for Konstantinos can get overwhelming.

Luckily for him, he found out about The Movement Athlete.

    🎯Fully Personalized Training Program

“This is when I found The Movement Athlete and I decided to join because it was a fully personalised training program according to my needs.”

Upon joining TMA, he immediately notice the structured, personalized approach to training. He started off with his TMA journey with an assessment of his current skill level.

💥This is done so the powerful AI of the TMA app can develop a program just for him,

It’s not just about being a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced training. 

The program he will get in each workout is designed based on his strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

🏆Furthermore, he can easily adjust the workout duration and objectives in his training so his workout can fit his lifestyle and goals.

Personalised workouts do two things:👇

  1. Minimize the risk of injuries by providing a workout that’s not TOO challenging.
  2. Maximize the progress by not giving a workout that’s TOO easy.

Read more here: 📍End of Beginner/Intermediate/Advance Workouts

🤔Scientific Structure

“What I liked the most was that the program was so well structured. I am a person who works well under specific orders, so that program was the best feature.”

The main focus when just starting out with TMA is to develop the calisthenics fundamental exercises. These exercises are your bread and butter toward success.💯

Basics don’t mean easy. Mastering these movements below will build you a strong foundation of strength, mobility, flexibility, muscle, endurance, and body control.

  • ✅ Push-ups – Ultimate Guide to Push-ups
  • ✅ Pull-ups – Ultimate Guide to Pull-ups
  • ✅ Dips – Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Dips
  • ✅ Squats – The Squat Progression
  • ✅ Wall handstand – Ultimate Guide to Handstands
  • ✅ Core work – The BEST Calisthenics Ab Exercises

These are compound movements that hit many muscle groups efficiently,

In addition, the basics are progressive in nature. This means you can work on your pull-ups even if you’re a beginner to advanced.

🌟The basics will be serving Konstantinos for a long time even as he ages.


🎯Convenient Workout

“It was easy to follow. Also everywhere at any time of the day.”

One reason why some people fail to adhere to their workout routine is that it’s too difficult to follow.

In the TMA app, Konstantinos just needs to show up, open the TMA app in his phone then do the work.🤳

It’s just like hiring a fitness coach, but you can do it in the comforts of your own home at a more affordable rate.

He can train anywhere at any time.

Benefits Konstantinos Now Enjoys Thanks to Training with

The Movement Athlete & Calisthenics

Convenient Training

“I like the fact that I don’t have to care and it takes care of everything.”

The key to consistency is that you enjoy your training, and you’re continuously promoting progressive overload. While it seems simple, the latter can be overwhelming and confusing to setup.

But with the TMA app, Karel just needs to tap his phone and open the app. After that, he just has to do the work. Nothing else is needed.

The Movement Athlete app keeps things everything simple for him so he can focus on his workout and keep enjoying his gains.

Every Question Answered

“What I like the most about the program I pretty much answered that question with an explanation.”


Fitness has a lot of various topics and controversies surrounding it. It can be overwhelming. The Movement Athlete helps you understand fitness and health better by answering every question you can think of.

Karel enjoys and gains so much from understanding how prioritizing movement promotes longevity for his body and mind.

TMA takes a scientific approach to every aspect of fitness so everyone can optimize their training in a safe manner. Even if you previously have injuries like Karel.

Continuously Improving

“It’s just great how far the app went from when I start using it to this date. Even the last big update was really cool. I tried to work out with it and timers. They really made a huge improvement to the app itself.”

Karel became a Movement Athlete in his earlier days. As he progressed in his calisthenics journey, the app also improves with him by providing him more options and more convenience.

TMA continues to strive for the best. The best is never absolute so we also try to improve and cater to the Movement Athletes so they can enjoy their training and improve their quality of life.


Since training with Calisthenics like the Spartan do, Konstantinos improved his strength, mobility, and flexibility for better daily movements.

🔥This is all thanks to the progressive,personalized approach of the TMA app of calisthenics.

Here’s what he has to share with you.

If you would like to purchase, I would tell you to give it a definite try. By going into this program, someone would change the whole perspective about fitness, getting closer every day to his goals.

The Movement Athlete isn’t just a X-week workout program or periodized X-month program.

The Movement Athlete is on a lifelong journey just like fitness itself.🤸

Just like Konstantinos, you won’t regret giving it a try. You can also test the waters by trying out our free assessment below.

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