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If gyms around you are closed, 🧐 and you think weights are the only way, listen to Luke’s story.

Meet Luke; he’s a personal trainer and always has been focused on weightlifting and powerlifting alone. Although calisthenics has always intrigued him because of the cool moves such as planches and handstands, he thought that it’s impossible for him to attain such skills.😌

This is the story of Luke Murray – The Movement



👉 During the unfortunate pandemic, everything’s on lockdown. All of the gyms are closed, so Luke figured 🤔 to try out calisthenics since he’s got nothing to lose and everything to gain at that point.

Training with his own made program was too difficult for him, so he eventually searched 🧐 for the best. This led him to The Movement Athlete, which changed everything.⚡️

👊 Now, Luke highly recommends the app and is having fun more than ever while making tons of progress in his house. Not to mention the money he has been saving by training with the app.

Here’s Luke’s story.👇

“This year, we’re locked down, I lost access to the gym like everyone, and I also needed to cut back on 💰costs.”

No one expected this lockdown. All traditional gyms are closed since they are high-contact surfaces. If there are some open gyms, limitations and restrictions are set to control the spread of the virus. Luke wants to be safe, so he preferred to work out in his own home.🏡

Aside from that, the lockdown negatively impacted his income. He used to have a coach to assist him in his progress and techniques, but unfortunately, he had to let him go due to the costs.💰

Luke didn’t want to waste months without any physical activity. He decided to get stuck with calisthenics and learn on his own. After a few sessions, it seemed too much hard work to make any progress alone. 

This is when he found out about The Movement Athlete.

“This program has absolutely changed the way I train before!”

Just a few sessions in, Luke immediately loved the program and saw the convenience it offers.🏆

Visible, concrete progress in a gamelike layout

 “The way it shows your progression as a percentage, that’s huge for me because I can see in real-time how close I’m getting to where I want to be.”

The number one thing Luke liked about the app is the progress feature in a gamelike layout. His progress is viewable in a percentage format so that it’s easy for him to understand where he is in his journey. Each session, he gets closer to his goals. Each session, he gets hungrier to train and progress.🏆

Progressive & Adaptive calisthenics 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️

 “I saw progress after a couple of workouts because the progressions were all there for you.”

Speaking of progress, he made tons of progress in just a few sessions, thanks to the progressive and adaptive nature of the approach. 

🤜 Progressive pertains to the use of progressions. There’s a suitable and appropriate exercise variation that matches every skill level for every type of exercise. It’s not just about increasing and decreasing reps and sets. The Movement Athlete app provides the difficulty of exercise that’s right for you. When you’re ready to move to the more challenging exercise, The Movement Athlete also has Luke, and you covered until you reach your goal.🎯

Being adaptive, The Movement Athlete also adjusts everything depending on your current energy & skill level. In reality, we can never always give our 100% in all workout sessions.☝️ Especially when we have other obligations and responsibilities that are taxing, our workout sometimes suffers.

Other workout programs are too strict that they force you to still hit the required reps every session to “make progress” and “get results.” While that might be true, it’s not always sustainable, and it’s an easy way to burn yourself out of fitness.☹️

With adaptive calisthenics, Luke gets to train even during his “down” days in a manner that he isn’t going to overdo or over-fatigue himself. Sustainable, adaptive training keeps him working out in the long run.


Free Trial🤳


“I started the seven-day free trial, and I would say commit to using those seven days.”

Luke took advantage of the seven-day free trial period.🙂 In this period, he had complete access to the app as if he already purchased it. Committing to those seven days eventually made him push through with the app. He had nothing to lose but everything to gain. Now, he’s enjoying so much from The Movement Athlete.


Benefits Luke Gained from joining The Movement Athlete

Holistic approach in a convenient workout

“Before, I was focusing on one move at a time. Now it’s all set out for me as I would do with a client.”

Creating a calisthenics program could sometimes be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. TMA app already does the complicated stuff for Luke, so all he needs to do is the actual workout.

The program design covers multiple aspects, even if Luke sets focus on a specific goal. This way, he improves his overall fitness and doesn’t leave any weakness in his body. Aside from building strength, the program covers mobility, endurance, and skill training.

 While it may seem a lot to take in, the TMA approach is for the long-run improvement. Fitness (and life itself!) is never an overnight thing anyway. You’ve got to set yourself for the long journey ahead.

Affordable and accessible personal coach

I’ve always had my own coach, but I had to cut back on costs because I haven’t been able to make money this year.”

Personal coaches aren’t always the most affordable option; especially when Luke needed to cut back on his overall expenses, he still wanted to maximize his progress.

Luckily, TMA is basically a personal coach in his pocket, providing personalized training programs and easy-to-understand video references for exercise techniques and form.

Not only that but his “personal pocket coach” is also a fraction of the price of a real one. He gets to have an affordable coach, which he can carry anytime, anywhere. Or, in Luke’s case, always available to help him in his home training.

It almost feels like you’ve got a personal trainer in your pocket in an app, which is great.”

Consistent training = more progress

“There’s been days this year where I just have not wanted to train. But since joining [The Movement Athlete], I don’t get that anymore.”

Most people get tired of their workouts. No matter how dedicated they are to fitness, there are days that laziness creeps in. This is because of the changes in energy levels and the unsustainable approach to fitness.

Luke’s case is quite different since joining TMA. He got to work out more consistently because of the adaptive approach. This translates to more progress in the future. And since the adaptive approach adjusts many training variables, including his rests, he can train every day without increasing the risks of overtraining and fatigue.

 Fatigue and overtraining are the big ones that cause injuries and/or drive the motivation down. But Luke no longer has to worry about this anymore!

Since becoming a Movement Athlete, Luke has just been making progress and continues to enjoy his fitness journey in the comforts of his own home at a cost-effective price point.

👆 Here are just some of the life-changing benefits Luke is now enjoying, thanks to The Movement Athlete:

  • ☑️ A holistic approach that provides convenient workouts anytime, anywhere
  • ☑️ A “personal coach” that provides adaptive, progressive, and personalized workout programs 
  • ☑️ Consistent training thanks to adaptivity and accessibility led him to more progress

With The Movement Athlete by his side, he now has a new-life-time partner in his fitness journey, aiding him and guiding him in his calisthenics goals. 🏆

If you’re thinking about doing it and you’re on the sales page already. Just take advantage of the free trial, so that’s what I did.

You don’t have to take a leap of faith. The Movement Athlete offers a free seven-day trial which grants full access to the app in the trial period.

Like Luke, you’ve got nothing to lose but everything to gain.🤸‍♂️

Try out The Movement Athlete and experience the change!

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