How to workout duirng the corona virus

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This is the story of Barbara –

The Movement Athlete

The lockdown affected everyone in the whole world. The once very active individuals also got hit with many gyms and training facilities currently closed.😢

Barbara was one of them. She was a kickboxer and a weightlifter for 3 years, but with the gyms closed, she hasn’t gotten much exercise since.

Lockdown home workout - Barbara quotes

Up until she switched to calisthenics and focused on learning her dream skill of holding a solid handstand.🤸

Her fascination with the skill soon turned into actually working on her path to handstand. Thanks to The Movement Athlete, it was made more possible, which guided her step-by-step and taught her every detail needed for her goals.

Even with the training location limitations, Barbara gets excellent workouts at the comforts of her own home. 🏡

🏆With her new training approach, Barbara slowly but surely builds back her habit for her fitness journey and now enjoys the benefits of training with The Movement Athlete.

Read on for more of Barbara’s story:

Lockdown home workout - Barbara story

“I am amazed😲 and envious😢 of what some athletes manage to do.”

Thanks to social media, people get to see the high-level skills and strengths💪 other people are capable of.

Like everybody else, Barbara got fascinated and also wanted to pursue these skills, but she just didn’t exactly know where to begin her journey.🤔

“Italy in partial lockdown, the gyms are closed. I always wanted to manage a handstand.”🤸

Unfortunately, establishments closed and movement became restricted because of the lockdown in her area. Although she no longer can train in the gym, she thought it would be the best time to learn her goal of holding a handstand.👊

Searching on the internet, she found The Movement Athlete and seems like a perfect fit. Her goals seemed to be aligned with the app’s programming, and fees were acceptable, so she went on with the program. 

the movement athlete calisthenics app

💥Adaptive, Personalized, Progressive calisthenics

“It seemed like a good program for all levels.”

One thing she feared when starting with calisthenics is not being able to do the movements required. Luckily for Barbara, The Movement Athlete offers an adaptive and progressive approach to calisthenics.

✊ ADAPTIVE: The program adjusts the difficulty of her workout based on her capabilities, past work sessions, and current energy state. This means that she will get a good workout value even if she’s not feeling it. As a result, she gets to maximize her time and keeps motivated without overdoing her training.

✊ PROGRESSIVE: The lack of progressive nature is a common issue with some calisthenics programs. Calisthenics should have progressions or regressions, which are sets of variations of exercises to change the difficulty. This means that for every exercise, there’s a suitable variation that fits any skill level.

✊ PERSONALIZED: Upon joining or just even trying out The Movement Athlete, the journey will begin with an evaluation so that the workout can be personalized for the current skill level.

Personalization is an important factor when choosing the right program for you. This means that workouts are geared towards your goals, needs, and wants.

💥Virtual Coach

“A lot of different exercises plus videos to explain.”

Barbara now has a virtual coach accessible on her mobile device. The coach provides a program based on her and gives various exercises that are explained thoroughly. It’s like having an on-call personal coach always ready to train with her.💯

With Barbara’s quite limited time with The Movement Athlete, she is now already enjoying these benefits below:

Benefits Barbara gained from joining

The Movement Athlete

Promotes movement

“I manage to exercise even for just half an hour. Better than nothing!”

The main focus of The Movement Athlete is to help you move anywhere, at any time of the day. She has managed to build her good habits back again. Rather than having no exercise because of the lockdown, Barbara gets to move and improve gradually.

Control of time

“I love that I decide how much time I have to exercise.”

Unlike other programs that already have a set amount of time, TMA lets you adjust the amount of time you can work out so that it can fit your schedule and situation.

Not all the time, you can afford to give an hour and a half of the day for your workout. Sometimes, your energy and effort are depleted by other obligations. TMA programming adjusts to you while keeping it challenging enough so you can still make progress.

Progressive workouts

“Doable for any level of athlete, even total beginners.”

As mentioned earlier, Barbara’s biggest fear when diving into calisthenics is the exercise difficulty. But because of TMA, she now has realized that calisthenics can change the difficulty of every exercise to suit any skill level.

Calisthenics is for everyone. that much at the gym.

After training with adaptive, progressive calisthenics thanks to The Movement Athlete, here are again a brief summary of what Barbara has already been enjoying:

  • 🏆 Motivated to move thanks to adaptive and personalized programming
  • 🏆 Convenient workout since she has control now of her workout duration 
  • 🏆 Progressive workouts that offer real progress at any stage

We asked Barbara what advice she can give and here’s what she has to say,

“Little exercise is better than no exercise. 💪 Find some time in your day. It will make you feel better!”👊

Movement does always make us feel better. So be sure to keep moving as well, like Barbara.

Move better, then feel better.

📌 It doesn’t have to be calisthenics. You can run, do yoga, or play your favorite sport.

If you want to train holistically and keep moving, become a Movement Athlete like Barbara.

You will always have the time to move.🤸🤸🤸



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