How to workout duirng the corona virus

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A few weeks ago we got an email that almost brought our team to tears.  

Adam, a 36-year-old salesperson, family man and a Movement Athlete,  shared with us a story of struggle, defeat, regret and how he eventually, against all odds, came out stronger than ever.

He was kind enough to let us share it with you all to learn from his mistakes and get inspired.

Here it is:

“Dear TMA Team,

I wanted to share with you my story as maybe it will help someone who is or will be in the same situation as I was.

I had been lifting weights for over 10 years.

It was a great routine – in and out of the gym.

As the years went by, my muscles grew bigger and stiffer, but I looked strong and at that point, it was all I cared about…

Calisthenics was always at the back of my mind as something cool and I came across TMA a few years ago but dismissed it as another gimmick.

By mid-2018 I started feeling pain in my joints.

Over the next few months, the pain got worse and worse and I found myself spending hundreds of dollars on physios and doctors just trying to get rid of it.

At 35 I found myself not being able to go a day without pain

😔Simple movements & activities become hard

😔I started missing workouts & losing muscle

😔I was unable to do sports that I loved

😔I was unable to play with my kids without pain

😔I felt stiff, immobile and frustrated

😔I started neglecting my family and my mental health deteriorated.

I was on the downward spiral

I felt defeated and was not sure what to do.

Beginning of 2019 was my breaking point. 😢

I couldn’t move freely and nothing seemed to be working.

I was receiving emails from TMA about the joint pain and I knew that progressive calisthenics is potentially the answer.

So I started digging…

I read everything I could, took courses, tried different apps but nothing looked as comprehensive, progressive and thought through as TMA.

I thought it was my best shot at getting my life back.

Honestly, the last thing I wanted was some random training program that will send me back to being in pain.

I took the assessment but actually decided to start right at the beginning of the TMA journey.

It was humiliating and embarrassing to be doing wall pulls, but I knew that it would condition my nervous system and that I needed to put my ego aside.

As hard as it was to start – after so much research –  I knew I just need to trust the system.

TMA app provided a great incentive to move forward.

I was stoked when I unlocked a new move or saw my % on the progress bar increase.

It didn’t matter what exercise in the progression I was on – I knew that I am moving forward and that kept me motivated.

As TMA team suggested,

I decided to simply focus on the process.

No deadlines

No going hard

No chasing some silly aesthetic goals

No overthinking how to schedule my training

My plan was simple:

log in to the app and workout for 15-30 minutes every day.

And it’s been exactly a year since…

The difference in how I feel it’s incredible.

💪I am the strongest I have ever been

💪I can do handstands, muscle-ups & push-ups  – something I never dreamt about doing

💪My physique changed. I am leaner and more mobile.

💪My shoulders and back almost never hurt now.

💪My core is for sure stronger now. And all these little tiny muscles in my core, shoulders, and back are stronger too

💪I am more consistent than ever before

💪I feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction

But the most important I feel 10 years younger. I am confident and energetic. I feel like I can tackle any challenge.

I am scared to think about what would happen if I would NOT join the TMA Academy and carry on in my ignorance.

At 35 – I felt like 75 and it terrifies me.

It terrifies me that I might not be there for my family and won’t be able to provide when they need me. 👨👩👧👧

That my kids will have to take care of me, and I will lose their respect.

I never want them to see me like this

That I won’t be able to get up from my chair or put my shoes on without help. 👴🏻

I never want to be like that.

I want to feel young and strong for as long as I can for myself and for others

I’m never going back.

What I know for sure is that progressive calisthenics is the safest but also most effective way to build functional strength that instead of ruining your joints – will strengthen them!

Yes, it’s about the moves & yes it’s about looking cool,

but what it’s really about is

optimizing your body for the life well-lived

For adventures and energy and all the things you want to do in life

If I could wind back the clock I wish I would have started earlier.  

Even adding some calisthenics to my weight routine years earlier would help.

There are a lot of calisthenics and bodyweight training apps out there but TMA structure is something you haven’t seen before.

These guys put a lot of thought and energy into the program and even though might seem clunky at times  – it’s the most thought-through program I have seen.

It’s not developed by some kids to get you doing moves asap – but to take you on that journey to master your body and become invincible.

Turned out – healing wasn’t about some crazy special program or more expensive physios.

But simply about moving your body in the right way and slowly, progressively increasing resistance.

With TMA things are simple.

Show up, do the workout – be healthy for life.

Thank you TMA team

I am proud to call myself the movement athlete and I would never have done it without your support guys!”




Adams story – is one of many that we heard since launching the new platform.

We know it’s not your get 6 pack in 6 weeks program, but we also know that in 10 years time no one will care about how much you bench.

And if don’t want to use our program use our free resources and the ebook – to start building bodyweight strength and mobility.

We want you to take action!

All to make sure that 2020 will be your year!

Until then…

Stay strong

The Movement Athlete Team

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