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💪 Everyone can do calisthenics. 

Everyone can also learn and master advanced calisthenics skills.

These skills might be intimidating even for advanced athletes like the popular front lever but if you dedicate the time and with the right amount of smart effort, these goals will be within your grasp.

If your goal is the front lever, the best start is to learn what are the requirements and what you need to unlock the front lever.

👉 For starters, what you need is a strong core with bodyline fundamentals

Having a strong core is not enough. It should be specific to your goal, the front lever. So doing hundreds of situps and hours of elbow plank will never get you there. 

Of course, there is also the demand for upper body strength since it’s going to hold your body in the horizontal position on the bar or the rings.

🤜 Mobility, flexibility, endurance and muscles on the right areas also are required for the front lever. If you wish to learn more about these, you can read our article on front lever requirements and muscles used for the skill.

With that said, you need to consider where you will start on your journey. Define your starting point. Are you a beginner, intermediate or an advanced athlete?

Once you’ve recognized your starting point, it’s time to get going.

Here are 3 examples of effective workout depending on your current level:

💪 Beginners 45-min. Sample workout

The beginner workout mostly focuses on developing a strong foundation, especially with the bodyline. 

Even if your focus and goal are on the front lever, you’ll also need to give attention and build other fundamentals in order to get a stronger base of strength, endurance and mobility. 

As a beginner, think of front lever as a long term goal because you need to focus first on the training holistically. Develop a strong and mobile full body rather than just preparing solely for the front lever. 

Don’t think of it as a delay. You’ll thank me soon enough! Focusing first on fundamentals will provide you with a healthier body. It will also make the process of getting to your goal more enjoyable, faster and safer.

💪 Intermediate  45-min. Sample workout

The intermediate level is where training gets more specific for the front lever. 

If you’re at this level, it’s safe to assume that you already have a good mastery of other full-body fundamentals. You’ll train with front lever-specific exercises.

If you haven’t noticed by now, the front lever has a very high demand on your core. So even if you have a strong core, you need to focus on strengthening your core that’s very much similar to the movement and position of the front lever; hence, dragon flags. 

Other than strengthening your core, you’ll also be working on your upper body with straight arm strength that’s needed for the front lever.

Of course, mobility training will still be part of your regimen, but it’s there will be more exercises that lean towards the improvement of your front lever journey.

The intermediate level workout is still a preparatory stage. Remember that the front lever is an advanced and complex calisthenics skill. It will take time even if you have a good foundation on calisthenics.

💪 Advance 45-min. Sample workout

For advanced athletes who already have exceptional foundations and a good idea of the front lever, training is focused more on progressions and the actual skill itself. 

If you’re at this level, you’ll get to train the easiest progression of the front lever: the tuck front lever. 

The tuck lever is the shortest lever which means there is less stress put on your full body compared to a full front lever.

Training this progression builds you the strength, muscles and body coordination. Your body will get used to this position then you can move your way to the next progression.

The workout will also be preparing your upper body the entrance to get to the front lever. It’s a pretty awkward movement at first, that’s why you need some time to get a feel for it. 

Other aspects of your workout will also be geared towards building necessary mobility, endurance and strength for front lever.

✅ Ready-made workouts are not the best

Just before you jump straight into this workout and expect some gains, you need to know that these types of workout are not ideal to progress in calisthenics.

At first glance, the workouts seem promising. It’s divided into levels in which you can categorize yourself into.

But these questions and realizations will come into mind especially once you got to try the actual workout:

  • How can you really tell if you’re already an intermediate, advanced athlete or still a beginner?
  • The difference in difficulty from each level is too drastic.
  • Some exercises are too easy or too difficult for you.
  • There are lagging body parts that I need to address.
  • The whole workout makes me progress too fast or too slow.

With these realizations in mind, you might end up demotivated, uninspired and ultimately quit your training. 

Such training programs also post a higher risk of injuries due to the sudden jumps of difficulty and inability to address weaknesses. 

What you actually need are personalised workouts similar to what The Movement Athlete Academy provides

Powered by a powerful Artificial Intelligence, The Movement Athlete Academy app creates a program which is perfect just for you.

Personalised workouts are the exact opposite of the ready-made workouts.

First, since personalization is specific to your needs, goals and current situation, an assessment will start your program. The assessment bases the structure of your program so you’ll have the right level exactly just for you in every aspect. 

Your new program isn’t set in stone. As it’s fully personalized, it will continue to adjust based on your current progress and ability to train that day. 

Let’s be realistic. There are just those days that we can’t perform like we want to because of other factors in our lives affecting our performance. The Movement Athlete app adjusts for you.

If you badly want to reach your front lever, train realistically. Train safely, effectively, efficiently and with purpose. All of these while keeping it fun.

If you want front lever, train with The Movement Athlete.

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