How to workout duirng the corona virus

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There’s no other way of learning and mastering the front lever. It takes time and a lot of smart effort.

So be sure you also have the right values and mindset when training for the front lever or any other skill.

Front lever is no easy feat. As a result, there would be risk involved in learning the movement.

But don’t worry.

If you take these easy steps, you can minimize and basically remove any risk of injury in your learning process.


1. Know where you are to know where to

start 🤔🤔🤔

To safely get there, you don’t want to rush to the next exercise without getting comfortable first with the current exercise. The key here is taking first an assessment.🔐

🧐Every person is different.

Let’s embrace that fact and accept that not everyone will be starting at the same level. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll never be the same with another beginner. Each person has a different starting point in fitness.

🔎Following a pre-made program for beginners, for example, does not help reach your goals the best and safest way. At most, it will only provide you with some gains and more likely to provide injuries, demotivation and frustration. 

You need to know where you should actually start. We’re NOT racing with other people, We’re all in our marathon against ourselves.💪

✅ Taking the assessment similar to what The Movement Athlete Academy can provide allows you to know where you can start. When you know where you should start, you’ll also know the full pathway you’ll be taking.

What you need is a 🎯 personalized program for your goal (in this case, mastering the front lever).

Fewer chances of injuries and faster progress will be your future.

2. 👉Do proper warm-ups

Warm-ups are usually thought of as boring. We tend to ignore them and go straight to the actual workout. 

We do warm-ups for a reason: it’s done to prepare your body for upcoming demands of the actual workout proper. Jumping straight to the demanding workout will only force and surprise your body that could result in injury. 

To be safe, prepare your body the right way.

Not all warm-ups are created equal. If your workout is for the front lever, you need to do warm-up specific to your goal. Jogging around for 15 minutes to raise your body temperature will not do the trick.

For the right warm-up, be sure to pump the blood flow in the prime mover muscles for your front lever such as: chest, arms, back, shoulders and core.


2. Rest 👍👍👍

Front lever is a skill. In order to master it, you need to repeatedly train the exercise in a given time frame. Because of your drive to learn the skill, you might opt to train everyday full on.

If this is the case, you might end up plateauing or worse: injuring yourself.

After a good beating from a workout, your body needs an adequate amount and good quality of rest in order for your body to build stronger and bigger muscles. This will also ensure that you will not burn out when learning the skill.

To sum it all up:

These are just two easy steps you need to keep in mind:

  1. Know where to start
  2. Warm-up before workout
  3. Rest your muscles

 This looks like simple concepts but most people take for granted and forget which leads to injury, plateaus and frustrations.

Train hard but also train smart.

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