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Meet Igor

Igor had a pretty active lifestyle before. He’s a CNC operator from Ontario, Canada. Even though his work was a desk job, he was constantly engaging in soccer, shooting and has done some occasional biking.😎

But since becoming a loving father to two kids, he has let go of his activities and was forced into a more sedentary lifestyle. Because of this, he gained some weight and could no longer join shooting competitions. 


He had no other fitness background but wanted to get back in shape. So he found The Movement Athlete app. Since training with the app, he has lost a respectable amount of weight, lost fat in stubborn areas, and gotten a lot stronger and more muscular.

Want to learn more about his story? Then read on!👇


This is the story of Igor- The Movement Athlete


⚡️A Heavy Responsibility

“Since I got my twin boys four years ago, I stopped at all activities because that happens when you get kids.”

Raising two kids is no joke. However, it can take time away from yourself. Developing a solid schedule and time management is easy but can affect your energy. As a loving parent, Igor wanted to prioritize his kids more.

“They took all of your time. Now that my kids got bigger. I did get back to my shooting competitions, and I noticed that my shape was not even close I was before.”

But now, since the kids are older, they no longer need the concentrated attention babies require. So Igor has gotten time off to work on himself again, especially his shooting.

However, because he lost a bit of time for himself, he gained weight in the process.

“…because of this, I needed something to get my physique back and, of course, to get rid of the extra weight I put on.”

🤜Igor was still dedicated to getting back on track. He knows he can still improve his situation if he does the work and finds a training program that will suit his lifestyle and training goals.


⚡️Taking the First Step

“Over the last four years, I needed something I could do in my apartment with as little equipment as possible. And after I did all my research, I found that TMA is the best fit for my needs, and I decided to give it a chance for the program itself.”

Igor didn’t have a huge space to work with, so he sought training approach to help him shed fat with minimal equipment.


After Training for a Year👊

“… I was only 82.2 kilos, and I did have that extra fat that I didn’t want to have, and I want to get rid of it. So right now, I’m 71.7 kilos, and I never felt better.”

🔥Progress doesn’t happen overnight. So Igor stuck to his training with The Movement Athlete app and got superb results! He dropped more than 10 kilos while losing fat in the process. This gave him more confidence in his physique than ever.

📍Calisthenics is a great option for fat loss! Primarily, calisthenics focuses on building strength and muscle, which assist in fat loss. But The Movement Athlete app also provides aerobic work for holistic development while further supplementing the facilitation of fat loss.

While weight loss seems like an aesthetic goal alone, achieving this goal provides a ton of benefits in your physiological and psychological aspects, such as:

  • ✅ More confidence
  • ✅ Better movement quality, in general,
  • ✅ More comfortable with your body
  • ✅ Strength and mobility for sports performance
  • ✅ Better day-to-day functions
  • ✅ Fewer risks of injuries
  • ✅ Fewer risks to different health diseases and conditions


Next Step: Build More Muscle!💪💪

“Now I have a new goal: to reach 75 kilos. But with building the muscle so far, I can say that my body went through a visible transformation: my shoulders, my chest, my back, and my waist, and I got smaller.”

From weight loss, Igor’s next step is to 📍build muscle with bodyweight training. Yes, calisthenics builds muscle if you train 📍progressively with the approach. Progressive calisthenics is done by making each workout harder than the last. You can adjust different factors such as body position, reps and sets, training frequency, and rest periods. Doing so will force your body to adapt to new stimuli to grow bigger muscles.

In Igor’s case, he did build muscle while losing weight. However, he wanted to prioritize muscle-building so he could perform better and gain more strength,

With a lot of factors needed to adjust, how does Igor keep it easy and simple then?

This is thanks to the PERSONALIZED & ADAPTIVE training approach of the TMA app.


💥Personalized Approach

Personalization is critical to making progress efficiently while avoiding any potential injuries.


Because the program TMA provides to Igor suits his specific skill level, strengths, and weaknesses, following a 📍cookie-cutter workout or one-size-fits-all workout isn’t efficient or even dangerous. That’s why most free programs people get online fail to help them take their training to the next level.

Cookie-cutter workouts can be too challenging, resulting in a lack of progress and injuries. On the other hand, it can also be too easy, making people stagnate in their training. Not all beginners also start at a different level. The beginner level is a broad spectrum of skills and varying weaknesses.

In addition, the TMA app personalized the program to Igor’s lifestyle and available equipment so he could always stay consistent in his training.

These reasons are crucial and why personalization in a training program is vital.


💯Adaptive Training Program

TMA even takes the program to new heights and brings its adaptive feature!

The Movement Athlete app adjusts Igor’s training depending on his previous performance and current capabilities and energy levels during his training. Doing so will let him make progress at his own pace without pushing too much, which can cause overfatigue, injuries, overtraining, and mental and physical burnout. This process of programming adjustments is called 📍autoregulation.

Here’s why it’s important.

It’s not all the time we can give our 100% to our workout. While that’s the ideal situation, in reality, so many factors can diminish our energy for our workout. Plus, other responsibilities, such as work and family, take up mental and physical energies.

Having an adaptive program like what the TMA provides keeps the training challenging enough but doesn’t force you to do more which can cause too much fatigue mentally and physically.

🎯Auto-regulation is the key to long, sustainable, and enjoyable training. It keeps you consistent so you can make gains for life.

After training with the adaptive and personalized calisthenics approach, let’s cover what Igor now enjoys.

Benefits Igor Now Enjoys Thanks to Training with The

The Movement Athlete

Made Time for His Training

“Program is awesome. Minimum equipment needed, no gym needed,”

Staying consistent with his training is easy because he can work out at home anytime. There’s a lot of saved cash and time to commute to the gym. In addition to that, the equipment needed is minimal.

Check out this article for the list of calisthenics equipment to optimize your training: 📍7 MUST-HAVE Calisthenics Equipment for Your Home Gym

Getting Visible Results

“Now, I’ve been using the TMA app for over a year, and all I can say is it was worth it. I lost ten and a half kilos and built a lot of strength that I needed for my competitions. My score improved a lot as well.”

Thanks to the adaptive and personalized approach, Igor managed to stay consistent with his training. This helped him get visible results and more! Not only that he lose weight, but he also built muscle and strength that carried over to his shooting!

Better Posture

“But the biggest change for me was my posture. I really can tell I like what I see and want more.”

Having good or bad posture can make or break your confidence and overall quality of life. But thanks to the holistic programming of The Movement Athlete app, Igor got to strengthen and mobilize weaknesses in his body. Muscles that he didn’t know existed were improved. Mobility exercises to improve the range of motion of muscle groups also translated to better posture.

Calisthenics is a fantastic approach to 📍treating injuries and body dysfunction, such as having body posture.

Personal Coach

“…it’s covered from warming up to the cooldown and everything in between that you might need.”

On top of the personalization and adaptive approach, Igor consistently trained because he has basically a personal coach guiding him throughout his journey. He can access his coach 24/7 with just a tap on his mobile phone. The TMA app made training simple. No need to think about anything else. He just needs to show up and do the work.



“I recommend the TMA program to anyone who wants to stay in shape or bring their physique to the next level.”

The Movement Athlete app prioritizes building a foundation of strength, muscle, mobility, and endurance. However, because of this holistic approach, the training can also result in weight loss and building muscle.

Thanks to The Movement Athlete app, Igor got his results with consistent practice and patience.🏆

🤔Are you ready to start your journey as well?

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