Choosing calisthenics - Manuel

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This is the story of Manuel – The Movement Athlete

Manuel just wanted to be strong and healthy. At first, he opted for weight lifting, but he can’t seem to achieve the results he was aiming for. 🎯

In his 33 years of age, before learning about calisthenics and The Movement Athlete, his attempts to a healthier body got him frustrated, ultimately making him give up.

Just last year, he thought that maybe nutrition was the problem, so he then sought professional help. He discovered that he has an issue with his Thyroid, which resulted in difficulties in losing weight.


Choosing calisthenics - Manuel quotes

His treatment worked almost immediately, and he made progress in building muscle and losing fat going back to the gym. But now, a new problem arose. He’s having difficulties in doing simple movements such as deeps squats, pull-ups, and even push-ups.

Upon doing his research, he learned that proper calisthenics is the key. 🔐

🏆 Now, Manuel is enjoying building a healthy and robust physique, a functional and capable body, and learning fulfilling skills thanks to calisthenics. 

Here is his story.

Choosing calisthenics - Manuel story


“I’m tired of feeling tired and not being in shape.”

Like anybody else, the effects of being out of shape got to Manuel. He felt tired all the time. His confidence dropped at an all-time low with his unimpressive physique. Simple movements feel taxing while they shouldn’t be. Muscles and joints ache here and there.🤕

But fortunately for Manuel, he knows he has the power 💪 to make the changes for the better. There’s always an option to be healthier, to be stronger, to be confident. 

After years of trying in the gym with no good results, he thought that maybe there’s another issue at hand. Possibly nutrition could be the problem.🤔

Consultation with a nutritionist led to the discovery that he has Hypothyroidism. This means that his thyroid gland wasn’t producing enough crucial hormones to support his weight loss. In addition, fatigue and weakness plague his every day living.

☝️ Luckily, his nutritionist provided an effective treatment plan, which got everything sorted out regarding his condition.

“Going to the gym, I notice that I started to pack some muscles, but I couldn’t still do simple movements.”

Upon undergoing the treatment, he went back to the gym and already made decent results. He became strong and built muscles, but he still can’t do simple and easy movements even with his new strength.😮

🤜The problem lies with his progressions. Even though he got stronger in the gym, his power only transferred to the activities inside the gym. His range of motion was limited, and strength did not transfer to a broader range of movements.

“I started to read about progression and found out progressive calisthenics was all I ever searched.”

Manuel had a great idea and headed in the right direction. 

🏆 Calisthenics provided a great option to master fundamental movement patterns as well as develop real-world strength.

But, not all calisthenics was the same. There is a proper way to advance in calisthenics, and it was through progressions. 🤸‍♂️

Progressions are a set of exercises arranged according to the difficulty to help you develop strength, mobility, muscle, and endurance to master a specific movement. 

Manuel was pumped!

“I bought a power rack and all needed to master my body. So I was prepared with the hardware. I just needed the perfect piece of software for it.”

In terms of equipment, Manuel 👊 prepared for the most conducive environment for calisthenics. The missing piece to his puzzle was a convenient software that offers an effective program.

“I got a program but it wasn’t starting with fundamentals and I am still convinced it’s too short to give the results promised.”

He first came across with a program that’s too obvious that’s going to fail. The program time was too short to deliver the promised results and it didn’t offer to develop the basics first. 

Many had this problem as this is a common marketing scheme in the fitness industry. Reading a 2-week ab program or 4-week planche that guarantees results already sounds sketchy.

The internet is filled with these time-wasting programs.☹️

Luckily, Manuel struck gold with The Movement Athlete app.🥇

“The results are amazing! I can already do handstands with the nose to the wall.

Manuel felt the immediate results. 🏆 He already advanced through the handstand progressions while building muscle and losing fat at the same time. 

In the past, it was only a dream, and half-way through the hold, his arms were already failing. Not this time! This time, he’s guided with the progressions to ensure safe and efficient progress.

“I love the progressions and that it mostly looks like a game making you want to achieve something more.”

The Movement Athlete designed its progressions scientifically and did not leave any room for error. That’s why Manuel loved it. He was sure he was gaining progress every session because the progressions were providing enough intensity incrementally.🤛

Furthermore, the app’s design simulates a game. Every progression he has to work on feels like a level of a video game. The training wasn’t overwhelming. It became more friendly and more achievable when seeing the progress through the app’s interface. 



“I would recommend The Movement Athlete because it has a strong progression already explained in the book, ‘Overcoming Gravity‘.”


☝️ Other credible resources support the The Movement Athlete progressions, such as Steven Low’s Overcoming Gravity. You’ll know that exercises in the progression list aren’t just random bodyweight exercises thrown together. The Movement Athlete meticulously arranged and chosen every exercise to build fundamentals for any level of beginners to any level of advanced athletes.


More advanced ‘Adaptive Calisthenics’ approach


The Movement Athlete takes progressive calisthenics up a notch through its design while also integrating adaptive calisthenics into the mix.

🔐 Adaptive calisthenics of The Movement Athlete keeps Manuel’s training regulated according to his skill level and ever-changing energy levels. This way, he doesn’t get burnt out from training and allows recovery time even with his workouts’ intensity. 

🏆 And Manuel has been maximizing his gains thanks to The Movement Athlete app ever since. 


                      Benefits Manuel gained from joining

                   The Movement Athlete


Convenient training

“It can be done anywhere”

While Manuel is still enjoying training at home with his complete equipment available, he loves the fact that he can train with The Movement Athlete and calisthenics when he’s on the go. 

There’s no need to miss a workout when he’s on a business trip and can’t find any gym nearby. All he needs is his body, his mobile device, and The Movement Athlete app.

Real-world strength

“It makes you strong from the foundation.”

The Movement Athlete focuses on building foundations through the nine fundamental movements. Mastering these nine basic but essential movements allows transfer to real-world strength.

This means that he’s not only gained strength through the discipline, but his body also achieved holistic growth that covers all fitness attributes. His body moves more efficiently and is capable of a broader range of movements.

Sure progress

“I already recommended it to my wife, who recently gave birth. Starting from zero experience, she’s getting stronger while recovering.”

Through progressive and adaptive calisthenics, Manuel and his wife are always making progress. Prior-training experience isn’t mandatory. Anyone can train with the app and make progress in no time. 

Aside from that, they can also view their progress in the The Movement Athlete app’s interface. Each training session shows their progress in a game-like perspective, making their training more fun and productive.

Undoubtedly, both of them are enjoying the progress they are making and will make in their fitness journey.

Unbeatable sense of fulfillment


“I love seeing people on Instagram doing a lot of super cool static positions and dynamics too.”

In the past, these calisthenics moves were only a dream for Manuel. Now, he’s actually getting closer to this dream of learning to handstand. The sense of fulfillment and achievement is incomparable. 

Not only he feels great and confident, but he also gets even more motivation to achieve greater heights in his training. There’s nowhere to go but up for Manuel! 


Even though Manuel made progress in the gym after treating his condition, there were still weaknesses in his body that prevented him from mastering it. 

👉 Through calisthenics and The Movement Athlete, Manuel managed bit by bit to unlock his body’s full potential in a safe, effective, and efficient manner.

Not only that, even his wife, who just recently gave birth and no training experience, is loving the benefits of training with The Movement Athlete. 🙌

Both of them are:

  • Training conveniently anywhere, any time.
  • Developing real-world strength making everyday movements comfortable.
  • Making progress every time thanks to progressive and adaptive calisthenics.
  • Enjoying the sense of achievement and fulfillment of learning new skills.


the movement athlete calisthenics app

Final Advice

We asked Manuel what advice can he give to you in terms of your fitness journey. 

He said, 

“You should dedicate your time to it. Results are not coming if you do not focus on them.”

Manuel’s right about that. Fitness and results don’t appear all of a sudden as if you’ve won a lottery. It’s all about working on them smartly, which is why The Movement Athlete is a fantastic option to achieve your fitness goals. 🤸‍♂️

Also, he mentioned that, 

“Just do it in a way that you can keep it all your life.”

📌 Fitness isn’t a 30-day challenge or an 8-week program. It is a life-long journey. Once you have gotten the habit of working out, make sure you stay with it throughout your lifetime. 

Train hard and smart consistently, and you’ll enjoy a healthy and robust body throughout your lifetime. There won’t be any simple movements you can’t do.

To train smart, 💪 train hard with The Movement Athlete

We challenge you to choose The Movement Athlete as your training partner and prepare for a lifetime of benefits! 🏆🏆🏆



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