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At the age of 35, Tim has been known as a hardworking husband to his lovely wife and a doting father to his 5-year old son. Having graduated as an industrial engineer, he now works as a managing director of a cosmetic private label production company in Belgium. Despite the responsibilities he juggles in family and at work, he never fails to give his body the proper attention it needs.

“[I want to] have a very muscular body, but also visible abs.

Calisthenics is the path I will take to get this done.”

With The Movement Athlete Academy, Tim has been able to get full control of his muscles and build a magnificent core of power for his body. Since the beginning of the program, he had lost 7 kg and obtained a proud set of  6 pack abs. He can now also do what was impossible before: an easy press of frog stand to handstand. 

While Tim claims that he hasn’t fully mastered the muscle up yet, just imagine if he finally completes the whole program! Not only will he master the muscle up, but also the other gymnastic moves that he has always wanted to try! 

The 3 Main Benefits Tim Has Gained Since 

Starting Calisthenics

Better Control

This just shows how wondrous calisthenics can be for the betterment of your body control! 

“ I would have ran into Calisthenics at the age of 10 to 15. ”

This just shows how wondrous calisthenics can be for the betterment of your body control! The new, Calisthenic-improved Tim can do what the old Tim couldn’t have done: frog stands, handstands, and even the muscle ups. Though, with calisthenics, there’s no limit of what anyone can do next!

Easy Access, Hassle-Free, Yet Very Challenging Workout

No need for the gym, because all that calisthenics need is you and your body. Calisthenics isn’t a workout that requires expensive equipment or a professional gym trainer to teach you the ropes. 

Tim has set-up his own Calisthenics area at the comfort of his own home. He doesn’t even need a trainer as he can just watch calisthenic videos online and try to emulate their moves at home. Despite being easily accessible, Tim is still continuously being challenged by the workout progressions from The Movement Athlete Academy.

Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Tim hasn’t just improved his body, but his attitude and view of life as well! Not only has he become more energetic, but he has become more dedicated to sports and clean nutrition.

I was already very dedicated to sports and clean nutrition before calisthenics but now I am even more dedicated because I have a new sportive goal in life.. ”

If these are  the three things that The Movement Athlete Academy has done for Tim, imagine what The Movement Athlete can do for you!

Tim’s Advice to Anyone Curious About Calisthenics

“Believe in yourself!  

Continuity will always lead to success.”

Tim was unsatisfied of what he has, so he set his goals and took action with small steps. Because he believed in himself and the process, Tim pursued, continued, and succeeded. It just shows that with the right dedication, commitment, and exercise, you can achieve your goals

So, if you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your body, take action – even the smallest steps will do. Because once you completed those small steps, you’ll be marching towards the achievement of your goals in no time

If you want to reach out and hear more wonderful and inspiring stories from Tim, you can reach him through his Facebook account (Tim En Dorien) and Instagram account (@tim_koppen).



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