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Martin’s Calisthenics Story

“If you want to live a good life in your older years, start training now.”


Martin, better known as Hardy, is a 51 year old bartender from Freiburg, Germany. Bartending is surprisingly physically demanding, since he has to carry beer barrels every day. On the side, he also coaches young professional football clubs. Back in his early twenties, he was to become a professional football player until he suffered a major injury that caused him dream to play professionally. Despite this very difficult experience, he stayed focus on staying in shape and taking care of his body, but this time for the sake of his well-being and not for the sport.

“I decided not to think about that too much. But try to come back in a good shape.”


Martin has never really liked gyms. Yet he loves nature, so he prefers to workout outside either doing some running, jumping, lifting heavy rocks and climbing. He doesn’t like following a designated plan, so he decided to train with Crossfit. However, recent bad knee aches have forced him to reconsider his training program.

After he looked into The Movement Athlete Academy, he decided to enroll. His goal was to better his skills and get stronger without the knee aches. Since he doesn’t like to follow strict workout regimens, The Movement Athlete Academy was a great fit for him.


The 3 Main Benefits Martin has gained

since starting Calisthenics

Easy non-rigid training program, anywhere at anytime

“With The Movement Athlete Academy, it’s easy to train any time of day.  Just take two chairs and do some dips.”

The Movement Athlete Academy makes it easier for Martin to train whenever he has time throughout his day and wherever he wants. Since Martin does not like a rigid training plan, he finds freedom with calisthenics. If one exercise was too hard for him, he doesn’t have to do two more. It’s all up to him to decide how he wants to progress with his skills and strength.

With Calisthenics, Martin gets to enjoy the outdoors during his training time. He works out in nature frequently and is not limited to strictly working out at the gym.

Muscle focused to build strength

“I focus much more and try to feel the muscles involved.”

When Martin used to attend a gym, he ran quickly through each exercise, doing quick reps and immediately switching to the next exercise, without focusing on the exercise itself. Now with The Movement Athlete Academy program, he’s more focused on the muscles he’s working with each individual exercise during his workout regime. By pacing himself, he’s building significant muscle strength and progressing more and more each day.

A tailor fit program for every athlete

“Good program based on your skills that tracks your progress.”

The Movement Athlete Academy is not the kind of program that demands you to be super physically fit to be able to perform. Instead, it caters to your own strengths and capabilities and keeps track of your progress

That is why Martin believes that The Movement Athlete Academy is the best program for him. He can track his own progress from the app while he trains outdoors. This feature helps him be organized even if he doesn’t have a specific training schedule planned out. Martin attributes being able to do handstand push-ups with feet on the wall to calisthenics. He’s working on those muscle-ups which he say a muscle-up is not so easy.”


“If you have no desire to train, do the first exercise. And

if you still don’t then, stop. But most of the time you

keep going.”

Martin’s advice to anyone curious about calisthenics

“If you want to live a good life in your older years, start training now.  ”

Martin decided to try a new program at age 51. He invested in his health to live a good life, no the knee pains. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what capabilities you have. The important thing is that you do something RIGHT NOW and EVERYDAY. If you want to live a long healthy life, you should take Martin’s advice. 

Invest your time NOW, to reap the benefits IN THE FUTURE. Find your FREEDOM.

You can connect with Martin on Instagram @endboss4 to follow his calisthenics progress. If you’ve been inspired by Martin’s journey with The Movement Athlete Academy then join him and us. It’s never too late to start training.


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