“I want to look good in this four piece bikini.”

“I want to stop having to rely on instagram to draw in my abs.”

“I want to look hotter than my conjoined twin sister at prom.”

Great at external motivation! 💪💪💪

Dependent on the validation of others and self, about how we look.

And baby, we look great! Now, how do we feel?

We know a lot of you struggle to get your workouts in place, follow up and stay consistent.

Do you know what I am talking about?

Have you ever heard the saying: The bigger the why the easier the how? 


📌If you want something really bad, you will go and get there, right? This is just what kind of person you are. 

Far too often I see incredible, smart people trying to get to a fitness routine and dropping the ball along the way. 

Are they just not disciplined enough? 

No, they know they should be exercises, they should be eating well, they should be in shape, so they start and 2 days later they do not feel like exercising. 


The SINGLE biggest MISTAKE people make when starting out on any fitness program is not having a good enough reason to stick with it.

Over the years of training thousands of athletes, we have seen it all. The good, the bad and the ugly.

So recently, we asked the most successful and consistent Movement athletes🤸‍♂️ about their motivation – here is what we found out: 🔎🔎🔎

  • 👍 A level of fitness I’ve never had.
  • 👍 The confidence to pursue other challenges in life.
  • 👍 I can spend more time with family and still be strong and functioning
  • 👍 I’m 58 and I can still compete with my grandsons
  • 👍 I want to keep moving, right up to the moment I meet my maker.
  • 👍 ‘Live long die fast’ I don’t want to be one of those people that spend 10-20 years slowly dying, unable to move and live.
  • 👍 I can enjoy my second childhood in good shape. Healthy body, healthy mind.
  • 👍 I’m going to rise above all the bad things that have happened in my life this year and I will not let it continue to affect me.
  • 👍 To be able to be a front figure for my kids by being healthy and an inspiration through cool skills.
  • 👍 It clears my head. I sit at a desk all day and I’ll be 50 in a few months. I need to train hard to keep my body and mind in shape.
  • 👍 I wanna be the best athlete I can be while staying healthy for the long run

What do they all have in common? Internal Motivation. 💯



Internal Motivation

Internal motivators are about what is important to you. The deeper an internal motivation, the more we connect to the things we care about, making us more likely to keep at it… even when it’s early and we’re bleary-eyed, and the snooze button is whispering sweet nothings in our ear.

We can’t reiterate enough.

When you ask those successful ones, Why do you want it, they know exactly what they want and WHY they want it.

They wake up every single day with intention and purpose. 

When you have you are why the HOW becomes easy.

OM’s Story

I want to share with you a story of Om – my friend.

Transform yourself into a beast, with no gym! 
Just like Om did. 

Om, is my friend, a super smart guy and somebody I met back when I was at university. When I ran into him last year he was over 90kg of weight with no fitness level what so ever. 

As an aerospace engineer, he was busy with his career and had no time to even think about anything else, but he knew that things have to change. He has tried a few things before but never with enough consistency.

We started training together and he slowly fell in love with Calisthenic philosophies. We created a personalized program for him to fit his goals and lifestyle. Within a few months, Om lost over 20kg, but he didn’t stop there. He went on developing incredible strength gains, losing fat, and gaining new skills others could only dream of. 

What’s even more impressive is, his previous shoulder injury healed itself.

👉Only for those determined

Well, calisthenics is not quick fix program, but it surely and naturally enables you to change your body through conditioning to bring lasting and sustainable change.  It took him just one year.

When I talked to Om after a few months in training, I asked him what was his motivation was to keep moving forward. What he said blew my mind. He said: 

My lack of fitness disciplined was just a reflection how my life was: lousy! I realised that it has to change! FOREVER!I wanted to be healthy, sexy, and confident! I want to be the guy who is going after what he wants in life and do it! Calisthenics in its simplicity form has enabled me to develop strength, confidence and balance. I have never felt better

Where will you be a year from now? 🤔🤔🤔

Every day I get emails from you saying that the biggest struggle is motivation. And I can give you the best program in the world, but if you will not do it, it’s useless.

For years I was telling myself that I should exercise, that I should eat healthy, that I should be better and nothing ever happened. It was only when I decided in my mind that this is not how I will live my life.

Do not be a “should” guy!

You must turn your shoulds’ into musts. As Anthony Robbins – peak performance coach is saying: you must raise your standards and give yourself enough reasons to never go back. You must know your why? which will get you out of bed when the weather sucks and when you don’t feel like getting up.


The ONLY ONE exercise you MUST do to transform

🎯I can give you the best training program on earth to follow but if you will not have the motivation to do it, it’s useless. This is why today, I want to show you one exercise which every time I lose motivation I go back to. It’s a simple exercise to develop a strong WHY – and a set of beliefs which will keep you on track whenever you fell off it.

It takes 5 minutes. DO IT RIGHT NOW! 👊

1. 👉Write down WHY training/taking care of your body is the most important thing you can do for yourself? 

Here are a few questions to get started. Break out the journal, let’s do this together.

  • ✅ Write all the reasons which are coming to your mind. 
  • ✅ Why will you not settle for what you have now? 
  • ✅ Why will you push? 
  • ✅ Why will you succeed?
  • ✅ What do you love, value, and enjoy in the world?
  • ✅ What lights you up? Who lights you up? If money were no factor, what activities, feelings, events would fill you up best? The more specific, the better. Go on. 
  • ✅ How could your training benefit these things… or safeguard them?
  • ✅ What is your motivation to pick up this training program?
  • ✅ Why is this important to you?
  • ✅ What would achieve this mean to you?
  • ✅ How will achieve your goals impact life for you and those around you?

2. 👉Imagine yourself in a year’s time. Where are you? How has your life changed?  

Here are just some examples of WHY of our users

📌READ MORE:  What does it mean to be strong in the real world 




“I’m no longer troubled by back pain which helps my self-confidence a whole lot (for those who suffered from back pain, they surely know what I mean).”




“Freedom. I’m free from the pain and free to actually move easier. For one, if you’ve got an itch in the middle of your back you’re going to scratch it.”



I never want to feel like I’m restrained by my body or my health. If I want to pick something up or jump onto a cliff or whatever, I want to be able to do that and do that comfortably. That’s the health for me. I don’t want to be restricted and I want to be able to do things the way I want to do them.”



Calisthenics builds character; it removes every handicap, excuse, and crutch, and it forces you to face your own worst enemy: yourself.

Believe me, you deserve an extraordinary life! 👌

When you finish put it on the wall, or in your notebook when you look often and read through them as often as you can. You deserve to have an incredible body, to be strong, to fee amazing, to live an extraordinary life! I promise you when you do this ONE exercise the rest will not ever be exercising – it will be training and journey towards your goal. 

Lifelong athletes have clear answers to these questions, and that’s what keeps them motivated to keep pushing forward, even when the going gets tough. 

If you can connect Movement to and with your day-to-day life, finding internal motivation and pushing through the hurdles of your own resistance will be a dance in the park.

Are you ready to make next month transformational?💪

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, whether you are just starting out or you are half-way – there is always a transformation to happen.

Because it’s all about a journey, your life, your health, and your happiness.

We really encourage you to instead of picking up another training program because you should be healthier leaner or look bigger, you think deeply about WHY you want to do this.

Why is this important?

Because behind every surface-level motivation lies the big why – the real reason.

Maybe you want to:

💪 have more energy

💪 be able to keep up with your kids,

💪 go after the goal that you have,

💪 be strong physically and mentally to provide for your family or go adventures,

💪 get rid of your body’s aches and pains

💪 recover from an injury


You need to want to.

And when you do, when it becomes a priority – your life will change.

It’s your obligation to learn how to use your body to support whatever you want to accomplish in life
to live fully

to release your full potential

You owe it to yourself

The thing is…

When you shift your mindset from external motivation – exercising because you should towards internal motivation – what it will actually do for you things get easier.

This is why we build The Movement Athlete Academy.

Our athletes don’t get 8 weeks program to just lose weight and stop

They don’t do meaningless exercises to get that cardio in or because they should

They don’t subscribe to quick results and doing things that will hurt them in the long run

They show up every day – doing the most optimal training there is – progressive bodyweight training, not to just have chiseled abs, but to:

challenge themselves

build a strong mental focus

get better,

master and unlock new skills,

get stronger & more mobile

more capable

more invincible

more of who you were meant to be

So when life throws any challenges at them – they are ready! 💪💪💪

Movement Athlete Academy is designed to take you on that journey of physical mastery and guide you every step of the way. 🏆

🔐If that sounds like something you would love – Join us.


Start your life-changing journey with calisthenics and get lean, strong and mobile while unlocking and mastering over 100 new gymnastics & calisthenics skills.

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