problem with bodyweight training

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If you’re reading this page…

Chances are, you’ve been exploring calisthenics.

Which is smart.

You realized that weight training wasn’t sustainable….

Wasn’t good for you…

Maybe it was aches of paines, or boredom or you wanted to explore body wieght mastery. 

And you started to research a better way forward.

However, here’s the problem:

Most forms of calisthenics WILL NOT make you invincible.

You know – strong as hell, flexible, and pain free.

Here’s why:

Problem #1:

Most calisthenics systems are way too random for you to make progress

If you’ve ever tried out some of the apps on the Play or Apple store, you know this:

They just give you random routines!

Which is fine, if you’re totally new to working out, and have no idea what the heck you’re doing.

But here’s the issue:

You’ve probably been active for years and years.

You’re beyond the stage where “just doing anything” will get you results.

Which means –

When you’re just randomly working out, you don’t make progress.

It feels like you’re aimless, not accomplishing anything or reaching your goals.

Which can feel frustrating.

“You can get a bit of help through YouTube videos and all of that, but it’s not the same. And I just wanted something more. I found TMA, and I thought might as well try. – William Hayman, 33, Counselor, Therapist

“I used freeletics and Kernwerk before. With both of them, I had the greatest problems with the duration of the workouts, which I couldn’t adjust. I also felt a lack of variation and long term motivation. The holistic approach and this “working towards a certain skill” slowly progressing but knowing “what the effort is for” feels much more motivating.” – Jelka, 33, Office worker

“I used madbarz for a long time, but it’s so rigid in moves and reps. I did not make any progress, instead, I got myself an injury by trying exercises that were too hard for me”. –  Symon, 42


What You Need:

A step by step, easy to use, well structured program

Instead of random workouts, you need a system that’s very clear, comprehensive, and well put together.

Something that tells you, “Hey, first you do this, then that, and all of it is on the road to your goal of doing a planche.”

Something that’s easy to use.

So that you can feel a sense of reward, of satisfaction, of achievement – 

Knowing that you’re making progress.

“Using The Movement Athlete is really satisfying, because I can feel my body getting stronger and more mobile.”                                                                            – Jacques O’Connell, 35, physicist

“I’m seeing achievement and I’m seeing my progression.  I feel good about that.”                                                                                                                                            – Andrew Brooks, 41, Product and Program consultant

“The results are real. It’s very rewarding, too. My overall feeling of strength is higher.”                                                                                                                                       – Ross Lockie, 37, Professional Athlete, Gym Owner 

Problem #2:

Most calisthenics programs are “cookie-cutter” – and not customized to you

Let’s be honest –

Which of the following people is going to make faster progress?

A person who’s just following the same exact program that everyone else gets…

With no customization…

No personalisation….

And no guidance…..

Or a person who’s working with a system that’s set up specifically for them?

It’s the difference between reading a workout program and working with a 1 on 1 personal trainer.

Without a trainer, you could be pushing yourself too much on days when you need to take it easy….

Or taking it easy on days when you should be challenging yourself.

Without a trainer, you’re not going to make as much progress as you’re capable of.


What You Need:

A system that adapts to you and guides you


Imagine this:

You’ve had a tough day.

You’re feeling super tired.

However, like the trooper you are, you start doing your calisthenics workout.

Your personal trainer can tell you’re tired.

So, while he still challenges you, he makes your workout easier that day.

Which means that you get through it, get your workout in, and look forward to every workout.

Because you know –

If you’re in the mood to push yourself, your trainer will sense that.

If you need an easier workout, your trainer will help.

Knowing this, you feel excited to workout each and every time.

“Using the app, it just gives me more motivation. It actually made me want to go back to the gym and go over lots of times.                                                              – Enilson Andrade, 41, Computer Programmer

The Movement Athlete is a must try, because it caters to you, to each and every person’s individual skills. It’s like investing in your own body, you know what I mean?”                                                                                                                   – William Hayman, 33, Counselor, Therapist

The Movement Athlete is the app that  would recommend first. This algorithm behind it basically adjusts your reps and also the exercises that you’re doing.”                                                                                                                                – Nicholas, 27, Project Manager


Problem #3:

Most calisthenics systems have too big of a “jump” between progressions – so you get stuck

You know what’s irritating?

Mastering one progression, and having your calisthenics program give you the next step…

And it’s 10 times harder!

To the point where you can’t do it at all….

Or you feel like you might get hurt trying to learn it.

The end result?

You get stuck at a certain level.

Which feel frustrating.

“I’ve tried a few other bodyweight apps, but they sort of left you to make it up as you go along. No structure just some random routines” – Edward, 40, Gas Rig Operator

“The other apps at some point were just too hard. The steps they were taking were just too big. It was just super unrealistic, very disappointing and very frustrating in a way.” –  Nicholas, 27, Project Manager


What You Need:

Tons Of “Micro-Progressions” So You Continually Learn New Moves

Have you ever heard the story of Goldilocks and the three bears?

To sum it up:

You need to have training that’s at the right level for you.

If your progressions are too easy, you’ll get bored, and won’t make progress.

If your progressions are too hard, you might get stuck, or injured.

But if your progressions are consistently at that “just right” level….

You’ll always be pleasantly challenged, you’ll make rapid progress –

And you’ll have FUN!

Because you’ll be constantly “unlocking” new skills.

Which feels awesome.

In order to make that happen, you need a calisthenics system with TONS of little “micro- progressions”.

So you’re always using the exact right progression for YOU.

The Movement Athlete app has built in algorithms in the AI to help you progress when you’re ready to progress as long as you’re honest with it.”          – Anthony Monte, 37, Airline Pilot

The Movement Athlete really is a rewards based system as well as so you’re not getting bored doing the same thing day in, day out every day. But also, you don’t rush in and hurt yourself.”                                                                               Edward, 40, Gas Rig Operator

“With The Movement Athlete I don’t need to worry about getting stuck. It’s adaptive and fun.”                                                                                                                Jan Erik, Product Developer 


When we first got into the calisthenics scene, one of our coaches had just gotten a bad shoulder injury from lifting weights.

We were excited about calisthenics.


We ran into the same problems that you probably have.

The available programs were either:

  1. Too random – no plan, you cant just watch YT videos and make progress
  2. Completely cookie cutter. Lack of personalisation will hurt your training
  3. Had too big of jumps between progressions
  4. Don’t adjust to your current level 

That’s when The Movement Athlete Academy was born.

We teamed up with the best bodyweight trainers, physical therapists, and AI specialists we could find…..

To create the ultimate calisthenics system.

A system that’s well structured….

Adapts to you in real-time using an AI “Super Trainer”….

And has over 1500 micro-progressions.

The Movement Athlete Academy

Here is what you will get when you join 

  • 1500+ professionally filmed movement videos help you use correct form and prevent injuries
  • Get complete, easy to follow personalized workouts that adapt to you
  • Never get stuck again – have fun unlocking new moves
  • You get complete, easy to follow workouts instantly delivered to your phone through the Movement Athlete app. 
  • These workouts tell and show you exactly what to do, from warmup, to mobility, to skill moves, to strength moves, to your cooldown. 

You don’t have to think at all – you can just focus on making progress.

Your workouts adapt to you as you go. Alan, your AI “Super Trainer”will adjust your workout for Friday based on how you did Monday and Wednesday. He’ll make sure that you’re always at the perfect level of safe, yet challenging – just like a human personal trainer.

He even will adjust your workouts “in the moment” based on how you’re doing – so if you don’t get a lot of sleep on Thursday night, Alan will pick up on that, and make your workout easier.

After using the app for a while…

You’ll be well on the road to became insanely strong, with bulletproof joints and plenty of flexibility. 

You’ll become INVINCIBLE.

We are excited to see you on the other side.



See what other people are saying:

I was like “I wanted to be able to a planche, proper muscle-ups, handstands … key calisthenic moves.

“Well, I need guidance on this.” 


I’ve gotten a lot stronger on it. Plus, too, not using weights … I find, using bodyweight, I don’t have stress on my joints. I’m just a lot looser, too, so it’s pretty cool.


I think the Movement Athlete is compelling because,

A, visually, it looks good, but it’s also easy to use. 

B, it works. I just say that, as someone who’s been doing this a long time, the results are real.


I’m able to do more pull-ups or muscle-ups. It’s very rewarding, too, considering I’m 37, I’m getting older, but I’m finding now that I’m still able to get results.

My overall feeling of strength is higher, in my actual grappling, I just feel stronger and my performance has gone up.

So, that was kind of like “Oh, shit, this actually works quite well.” Definitely, I’ve gained about ten pounds of muscle, too, which is interesting considering I didn’t really change anything dietary-wise.”

-Ross Lockie, 37, Professional Athlete, Gym Owner

As a professional athlete I can say -the results are incredible.”


I was just tired of aching all the time and feeling like I was losing mobility. I’ve always been interested in calisthenics but I never knew how to get started with it. Then I found (The Movement Athlete) and said oh, this looks great.


I would describe it as a very convenient, probably I would say low stress app way to exercise. Just in the fact that, you know, minimal equipment is what makes it so nice. You can find places to do it almost anywhere, anytime.


It’s definitely making me feel a lot better. I mean right now my hips and my lower back have stopped hurting, which has been great. 


The way that the app is working with the progression, it seems like it is working really well. I think what sold me on this app was that, you know, it has built in algorithms in the AI to help you progress when you’re ready to progress as long as you’re honest with it.

Anthony Monte, 37, Airline Pilot


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