No more tight,
Achy shoulders

Build strong, mobile, injury-proof shoulders with the most comprehensive Shoulder Mobility Course.

All from one of the world’s leading bodyweight fitness and mobility coach, Ricky Warren.

It’s time to make your shoulders bulletproof for life.

shoulder mobility

Are you ready to Turn those stiff, painful & immobile shoulders into a


Set of boulders that are built to last?

Welcome to The First Shoulder-Focused Mobility Course That Gives YOU The Power to Heal Prior Injuries, 

Unlock a Full Range of Motion and

Bulletproof them for the future 

Relieve Pain

Rehabilitation, or corrective exercise, is where you’ll work to fix a pain point or faulty biomechanics

Prevent Injury

Also called “pre-habilitation”, in this mode you’ll focus on maintaining mobility and longevity


Also known as “end-range conditioning”, this mode is ideal for athletes, those working in rigorous jobs, and adapting your joints to be able to handle more extreme conditions

At any point in our lives, we may need to enter one of these modes of training depending on our current circumstances.

The Bulletproof Shoulders Mobility course is designed in a way that you can come back to it at any point to tackle the goal you are working on at the time.



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This course is more than shoulder rehabilitation.

It’s a comprehensive system that will make your shoulders pain free, strong, and mobile for LIFE.
You have the freedom to relieve your shoulder pain from anywhere and on your own time.
This means you can start when you want, take as long as you want, and repeat the program as many times as you want, depending on what you need.

We’re so confident in the results you’ll see from the Bulletproof Shoulder Mobility Course that we’re offering a money-back guarantee…

You’re backed by a 60 Days “IronClad”
Money Back Guarantee


How your shoulders felt when you were 20?
You played sports.
You lifted weights.
You could reach for jars on the highest shelf in the cupboard…

 All without injuries… 

And NOTHING held you back!

But now…

 Something feels different. 

 Maybe there’s a slight tinge of pain when you reach too high…

 Or you’re having problems playing catch with your kid on a Saturday afternoon.


Chances are… you might be like this…

You have been active your entire life…

but you’re getting older and now your shoulders feel stiff and crackly all the time. Simple things like throwing a ball or scratching your head have become HARDER.

You got injured…

and it continues to prevent you from doing the things you love, like exercising. Basic overhead movements like combing your hair or changing a lightbulb have become more difficult than you had ever imagined.

You’ve been lifting weights…

and your shoulders are simply stiff and immobile. The pain keeps on coming back so your motivation is shot, you start missing your workouts, and you’re worried that you’ll be in chronic pain forever.

You work on the computer…

 All that time at the desk causes you to lose your muscular balance and it feels like your pain just won’t go away.

And even if your shoulders feel fine now…

There is a high chance that they won’t be working to their full potential, which means you will experience pain in the future.

In fact, some statistics suggest that 95% of us will be hurting at some point in our lives.


Simply put, because we don’t take care of them or ignore the pain for too long

Our bodies ( and especially our shoulders) need daily maintenance and care.

It’s really simple.

If you don’t take care of your shoulders…
You’re putting yourself at serious risk of injury because:

You Lack The Mobility You Once Had...

and this is causing you to compensate with unnatural movements, which you will eventually pay for sooner or later.

Your shoulders are being used every day in everything you do:

The shoulder is the most mobile and fragile joint. You can injure your shoulder doing manual labor, playing sports, and even by repetitive movements. Your shoulder is at extremely high risk of injury every single day.

You’re Getting Older:

Face it – the older we get, the more likely we are to experience shoulder pain, whether it be gradual or abrupt, and it can range from mild to excruciating…

And when something goes wrong with your shoulders,

you can not only forget about the cool calisthenics moves, but also…

❌lifting your kids,
❌tying your shoes,
❌combing your hair,
❌and even walking without pain…

So it’s kind of a big deal…

Reading the rest of this letter could be one of the best decisions you ever make for your health.

If you said “YES” to any of these…

I want to share with you knowledge from YEARS of experience and what I’ve discovered from healing my own shoulder pain and helping thousands of people do the same. 

Without the right program or guidance, you could spend years and a lot of money only to find out that it’s not helping or it’s making the problem worse…

So… forget about trendy new methods to help your shoulders and let me share with you what really works. 

Bulletproof Shoulders is not just another course to get you to spend money. It’s built on a fundamental understanding of biomechanics, pre/rehabilitation, and what is going on at a CELLULAR level within your body.

What if you could:

Have shoulders that didn’t give up on you?

Eliminate the daily aches and pains?

Heal your nagging shoulder injury and get back to normal FOR GOOD?

Feel strong so you can live the life of your choosing?

Do the little things in life without worrying about any pain?

Run around like you’re 22 again?

Keep your joints feeling as young as ever?

What would your life look like then? How would your day-to-day living change and what else could you start to enjoy again?

This is exactly what thousands of people achieved after taking the Bulletproof Shoulder Mobility Course.

…. and many of them now enjoy pain-free living, moving the way they want when they want.

I am Ricky Warren and…

Through Bulletproof Shoulders, I am going to share with you what I’ve learned through my decades of experience training thousands of clients, from calisthenics and gymnastics to combat sports and yoga.

Why you should listen to me:

✊I certify instructors around the world in joint rehabilitation.

✊I studied (and now teach) people how to optimize their bodies for performance, health, and overall longevity.

✊I‘ve been recognized in the top 20 coaches worldwide by mainstream media like Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Livestrong, Huffington Post, and more.

✊My school of movement, BodyweightGurus, has qualified thousands of fitness pros to teach our calisthenics and mobility systems over the years.


“The human body is the most complicated machine in the world – we should learn to heal and use it to its full potential”

Why The BulletProof Shoulders Mobility Course ?

“I fell in love with calisthenics in my mid 20’s.

It took me about 2 years to be able to do some of the more advanced moves.

I loved it, and after 28 years of multi-disciplinary training, I’d finally found a way to express my strength gracefully.

I began to compete, eventually judging at international competitions like Battle of the Bars, King of the Bar, WSWCF nationals, and others.

But soon something changed…

I began to feel pain…

It was only 5 years in and I realised that I was breaking.

I was young, healthy, super active, and on the way to mastering my body.

Why was I experiencing more pain than before?

It turned out that when I was training, I was leaning too much on one shoulder during handstands, or using one side of my body slightly more than the other.

I wasn’t aware that I was compensating due to joint dysfunctions – I wasn’t mobilizing them enough.

Not having access to my full range of motion made me inefficient, and not releasing enough built-up tension from workouts ended up causing me injuries and pain.

I decided to figure out why I was getting pain and how to fix it…

Otherwise, I’d have to end my career soon, and that wasn’t an option I’d accept.

So, I studied sports science by reading journals and books, then after years of study and certifications, I learned from everyone I could and tried every system on the market.

It occurred to me that they were all presenting fragmented information and missing some bits of the puzzle...

So I started putting the pieces together myself.

The BulletProof Shoulders course is the result of years of real life experience fixing my own pain and training others to do the same.

I’m thrilled to be partnering with The Movement Athlete to share this course with a bigger audience. I’ve personally used this exact system to rehabilitate my joint dysfunctions from over 28 years of multi-disciplinary training. It’s the same system I’ve used to help plenty of general and even high profile clients over the years.

So, if you’re struggling with nagging pain, if poor range of motion is holding back your workouts, or even if you are just trying to survive in the modern workplace and the posture it creates…

You are in the right place

Let’s dive in:


Why your shoulders are achy and tight?

Let’s Take A Deep Dive Into The REAL Reasons You’re in Pain

Whether you’re suffering from an injury, have been weightlifting for years, have a sedentary lifestyle or are just starting to feel the hooks of old age setting into your joints,

there are underlying principles at play for all of these issues.

Understanding them is critical for preventing and addressing shoulder dysfunction.

So I’m going to break this down…

The “shoulder” is actually made of 3 main joints:

  1.  The gleno-humeral: the ball and socket that connects your arm to the rest of your body;
  2. The scapula: connects your shoulder with your back;
  3. The acromioclavicular: which helps your bones and muscles glide for mobility

These joints are surrounded by nerves, tissues, muscles, and fascia that give us the range of motion needed to move our arms freely.

They continue to move freely and you experience a full range of mobility until…

your muscles or tendons become overworked.

It’s not unusual and it happens when you…

📌Reach too far when doing yard work
📌Exercise with (even slightly) sloppy form
📌Have hobbies with repetitive motions (like tennis or painting)

They create tension that impacts the nerves and tissue around your muscle. This tension causes a disruption that forces your joints to move unnaturally…

Imagine hurting your leg and having to favor your injured leg, so you walk with a slight limp…

That limp is an unnatural movement, and by favoring one muscle group, another has to pick up the slack.

And the problem is when muscles and tendons can’t work together… They start competing.

Which causes more tension. And more pain.

See the cycle?

Your pain isn’t directly caused from sitting too much, lifting weights, or just getting older… It’s a result of the untreated tension that simply using your shoulder can sometimes create.

So our goal is to, at any cost:

Release that tension on a regular basis and help the shoulder joint move freely with a full range of motion,

so it is always ready for whatever is coming its way – whether it is lifting your kids, doing handstands, or having to sit and work for 8 hours a day.


I’ve tried it and it’s not working!

Why All That Other Stuff Isn’t Helping Your Shoulders

Too often we hear stories of people

who tried everything they could, and they are still NOT getting the results they desire.

This is how it usually goes…

You go for that last dumbbell fly or swing the bat… and BOOM, you feel that sharp radiating pain and stiffness from your shoulder.

It leaves you wondering if the years are finally starting to stack up. Are you starting to lose your groove?

You ice it up, stretch it out and maybe massage some Bengay on your shoulder.

You go to chiros and try whatever else ‘might’ work…


But often nothing does work…

“I’ve been dealing with left shoulder pain for years. I’d lift weights, then hurt it, then stop, focus on mobility, do foam rolling, then start again from square one. Been to physical therapy and orthopedic specialist. Had an MRI as well. Nothing is torn. I don’t know what else to do.” – Ann Walter

“I have had issues with my left shoulder just the last 4-5 months now. I’ve been told it is an impingement. Basic physical therapy has not rendered much results. Pressure point manipulation has provided a bit of relief but does not do much for strength. I am doing all sorts of stretches and exercises to ease the pain but I don’t know if it’s working… I would love to know the most effective and efficient way to correct the problem.” – Ben

Can you relate to any of these?

I mean, just try running a search query on “How to get rid of shoulder pain”. You would be shocked at the millions of different options that you would be presented with. 

From massage to foam rolling, to massage ball therapy, to stretching, to seeing a physiotherapist; the list is endless.

 Which of these do you want to choose?

All of them?
None of them?
Which one is best for your situation?

The most frustrating part? You tried it all and still come up short. Why has nothing been helping your shoulders?

How is it possible that after years and years of medicine, our view of rehabilitation and what makes a healthy joint is still so scattered?

I was asking myself that exact question when I was trying to recover from an injury.

What I learned was this:

The majority of methods that can be used to correct this do not take into consideration the entire picture.

They simply do not cover all of the bases of what effective rehabilitation should look like.

This is why chiropractors, physical therapists, “proven” stretching methods, and other “common sense” approaches just don’t work.

Let me show you what I mean:

🗣 Myth #1: Doctors always know what’s best for your shoulder health 

Generally speaking, yes, you should absolutely listen to your doctor.

BUT, there are TONS of modern sports science methods that just haven’t made it to academia yet.

This doesn’t make your doctor a novice, it just makes them HUMAN!

🗣 Myth #2: Massage Therapy will stop the pain

While there are some benefits to massage therapy, there is a catch…

It tends to affect people without professional supervision.

Sound like someone you know?

Without being part of a larger rehabilitation program, massage therapy often acts as a “band-aid fix”… 

You temporarily feel better, which makes you overconfident in your newly-found flexibility…

Until you re-injure yourself… again and again.

🗣 Myth #3: Popular Stretching Methods Like Static Stretching, Foam Rolling and Banded Distractions Are Your Answer

Exercises like Foam Rollers and Banded Distractions only focus on the larger back and leg muscle groups, like the quadriceps and latissimus dorsi.

…Instead of the small nooks and crannies within your shoulder region where you may be most vulnerable.

🗣 Myth #4: All you need is one of those basic online programmes

The only way to fix your shoulders for good is to attack the problem at its source rather than do a bunch of random exercises. 


Right now we have people blindly following these so-called “mobility influencers”… 

Look, I’m not claiming that every influencer is a sham…

But I am saying the vast majority of influencers are simply jumping on “the next big thing” so they can create content and sell stuff you don’t need.


So What Do You Actually Need?

How can you keep your shoulders flexible, pain-free, and injury-proof…. FOR LIFE?

Without pain pills… Risky surgeries… Giving tons of $$$ to your physical therapist or chiro…
Or hours and hours of useless static stretching.



Here’s the deal –

It’s not about how much you do…
It’s all about the right exercises…

That will make a TRUE difference…

Random foam rolling and stretching just won’t cut it anymore..

You need a FULL shoulder mobility program.

One that you can do at home….

That doesn’t require more than 15 minutes a day, a few days a week….

And that TEACHES your shoulders how to move right.

Here it is:



How To Make Your Shoulders Strong, Mobile & Pain Free

I’ve done all the research and heavy lifting – all you have to do is listen.

I’ve broken down everything I’ve learned from DECADES of research and training into a straight-forward and easy-to-follow system.

Simply follow this scientifically-proven system and we’ll be able to pinpoint the exact source of your pain and tackle it head on!

I’ve also designed this system to walk you through every step, from chronic pain to newly-found strength.

The BodyweightGurus Mobility system uses the anagram ARAMES. Assessment, Release,

 Activation, Mobilisation, End-range conditioning and Strength Conditioning.


The first module works to assess your unique problem by locating the source of your pain. Once we understand the cause for your pain, we can start healing and strengthening.


Next we apply self-administered myofascial release therapy and stretching so you can release the trigger points and ease tension in  your muscles and connective tissue.


We then activate your previously-disengaged tissues, so your shoulder can begin fulfilling its true potential. Not only does this strengthen your inactive tissues, but it relieves the tension from your other tissues that are currently picking up the slack.


When excessive tension is relieved, we can start mobilising your joint. This will help your joints glide the way they’re supposed to, allowing your shoulder to start functioning properly.


With heightened mobilisation, we then begin conditioning your shoulder for stronger neuromuscular control. By utilizing the most up-to-date techniques, we will maximize the effectiveness of your surrounding tissue in its end ranges, for better, more sustainable support.


Finally, we begin a strength-building routine that forces your joint to use its full range of motion. The process helps your entire shoulder region ‘reunite’, which reinforces natural movements and improved biomechanics. 

Using this system module by module is the most effective way to remodel tissue and rehabilitate joints back to full health and beyond.

To make it easily accessible to everyone, we put this vast collection of techniques and insights together into an online course that you can access anywhere, anytime.



The easy, step-by system you need to rehabilitate your shoulders for good.


Flexible course allows you to learn and train from wherever you want


This step-by-step guide adapts to your schedule – there’s no rush at all


Step-by-step guides that you can adapt at any time based on your current needs: rehabilitation, preventing injury, or improving performance


Over 100 HD videos that include how-tos and expert tips as well as 8 comprehensive assessments


Your step-by-step guide to natural shoulder rehabilitation

The complete path to stronger, healthier shoulders


Includes everything you’ll need to know about shoulder theory in 3 lessons:

  • Biostructure: Learn about tensegrity, mechanotransduction, fascia and connective tissue
  • The Nervous System, Trauma and Tension: Learning modern hacks for the motor path and reflexes
  • Remodeling Your Tissue: A break down of our rehabilitation system


Take 8 unique assessments to diagnose the cause for your pain, including:

  • Shoulder Flexion
  • Shoulder Extension
  • Shoulder Abduction
  • Shoulder Internal Rotation

  • Shoulder External Rotation
  • Scap Retraction

  • Scap Depression

  • Scap Protraction


Begin concentrated, tension-releasing therapy.


    Conduct concentrated rehabilitation stretches.


      Reinforcing proper habits to allow your joints to glide smoothly without unnatural interference.


        Enhancing neuromuscular control for sustainable movements.


          Tailored exercise routines to strengthen muscles and surrounding tissues that will prevent future injuries.

          What Happens When You Sign Up?

          A Step-by-Step Walkthrough

          We’ll guide you through your rehabilitation every step of the way.

          STEP 1.


          The Adaptive Assessment highlights specific exercises for your unique situation.

          STEP 2.


          Build your routine of highlighted exercises.

          STEP 3.

          Spend 15 Minutes A Day,
          3-4 Days A Week

          Follow an easy, goal-based routine.

          STEP 4.

          Increase Flexibility And Relieve Pain

          Be amazed when you grow stronger without pain!

          What Results Can You Expect?

          What Your Future Will Look Like

          Imagine having…

          Better posture

          Injury-free conditioning

          Effortless shoulder movements

          Less pain

          Natural joint movements

          Heighted shoulder mobility in all directions



          Superb Course! Learnt so much for my own practice as well as for my clients. Highly Recommended!


          “Great Course and really well taught. Complex subjects explained with precision and relevance!”


          Such detailed insights, I learnt so much on this course, thank you again!


          “Can’t recommend this course enough. The information is game changing. I’ve already begun using the techniques myself and can’t believe the efficacy.”

          What makes this course different?

          We’ll be straight with you…

          My methods aren’t based on trends.

          Rather, they’re based on a detailed understanding of biomechanics and pre/rehabilitation.

          In fact, I can explain (in detail) what’s happening at a CELLULAR level in your body when doing my program, which leaves little to no room for error.

          My method is broken down into science for you to understand and follow.


          60% OFF

          $157 – $78.50 LIMITED TIME ONLY

          This course is more than shoulder rehabilitation.

           You have the freedom to relieve your shoulder pain from anywhere on your own time.

          This means you can start when you want, take as long as you want, and repeat the program as many times as you want.

          You’re backed by a 60 Days “IronClad”
          Money Back Guarantee

          We’re so confident in the results you’ll see from the Bulletproof Shoulder Mobility Course that we’re offering a money back guarantee…

          Your shoulders will either become flexible and injury proof…

          And you’ll feel relieved and excited to train again….

          Or you’ll just send us an email for a full refund, anytime up to a full 2 months after you join.

          No questions asked.

          No conditions.

          No BS.

          One of our co-founders thinks it’s crazy to offer this…

          But we’re doing it anyways – because we KNOW you’ll see incredible results.

          Look, if you’re sick of being in pain…

          Or sick of not being able to do what you love…

          Or fear you might need surgery in the future…

          There’s something you can do about it right now.


          It’s Time To Make A Decision?

          You can keep living in agony and pray it all goes away…

          and risk having to get surgery


          Invest in the latest science for stronger, more flexible shoulders

          Live your life the way YOU want to…

          Go to the gym whenever

          Play your favorite sport

          Comb your hair without a second thought

          Play with your kids/grandkids

          It seems like a no-brainer…

          We would never want to pressure you into doing something that’s not right for you.

          But, if you’re ready to finally say “bye” to your achy, stiff shoulders….

          And be able to move HOW and WHEN you want, comfortably….

          Then this is your chance.

          Sign up for the Bulletproof Shoulder Mobility Course today.

          Invest in Your Future Self.

          Do you want a happy, pain-free future?

          The choice is yours.

          Turn those stiff, painful or immobile shoulders into a set of boulders that are built to last.

          60% OFF

          $157 – $62.80 LIMITED TIME ONLY


          How does the money back guarantee work?

          We offer a no-questions-asked refund within 60 days of your purchase.

          What if I’ve already had shoulder surgery?
          If you’ve already had shoulder surgery, you can still make A LOT of progress using the Bulletproof Shoulder Course. Try it for yourself and see!

          How much time does this program take?
          How long do I have access to the course?

          You’ll get lifetime access. 

          After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – and it works across any devices you own (phone, tablet, desktop, etc. but it’s not in the TMA App).
          Lifetime access includes any extras, bonuses, and updates made in the future.

          Can you really guarantee that I won’t have any pain anymore?
          We don’t know your exact situation. However, we can guarantee this – you’ll either feel, or you’ll get your money back. And you’re protected by a 60-day money back guarantee!
          I am already member of TMA, will this help me?
          If you are already a member of The Movement Athlete Academy, you know we’ve helped thousands of athletes gain more flexibility, while losing the pain with our TMA app. Now, we’re supercharging things by offering a Bulletproof Shoulders Mobility Course
          Do I need any equipment? Can I do it at home?
          We specifically designed this course to use minimal equipment.
          If you don’t already have all the gear, you can quickly order it (it will cost less than 30 USD).
          Here’s is what you’ll need:

          – 1x Elastic Band
          – 1x Stick/ PVC Pipe or just a Broomstick
          – 1x Lacrosse Ball

          What's unique about this program?
          Do I need to start right away?

          Nope – you can start whenever you are ready. 
          The best thing about this course is that you can come back to it any time throughout your life depending on whether you are dealing with pain or want to increase your range of motion for performance. 

          Have more questions about the tma training system?

          Got more questions? Contact us at hello@themovementathlete.com

          Want to promote THE MOVEMENT ATHLETE
          We partner with carefully selected trainers, athletes to spread the word about the Bulletproof Shoulder Mobility Course. Interested contact us at hello@themovementathlete.com

          This BulletProof Shoulder Mobility System is built specifically to help you:  

          1. Get rid of the pain.

          We will be working on fixing a pain point and faulty biomechanics through Rehabilitation or Corrective Exercise.

          2. Build or maintain healthy shoulders to prevent any future injuries. 

          Through proper maintenance and care for your joints, we will teach you how to sustain longevity and mobility through ‘pre-habilitation.’

          3. Prepare for performance

          Finally, if you’re adapting your joints to perform better for sport or training like calisthenics (handstand, human flags, muscle-ups), we will work together on ‘end-range conditioning’ that will take your shoulders beyond average shoulder mobility ranges. 

          Get in touch!

           We would love to hear from you.

          Simply email us at hello@themovementathlete.com