Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athletespeople just like you that are working with their own body weight to get strength, lose fat build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives!


As you know in The Movement Athlete Academy platform there are over 100 different calisthenics & gymnastic skills that you can learn. 

About 40 of them are main solid skills and the rest include variations,  transitions and what we call single moves.


Each of the skills that you can learn in our program include detailed: 

  • ✅ Efficient step by step progressions 
  • ✅ Months of programming that include strength, muscle building, and endurance 
  • ✅ Months worth of programming that will take you from zeo 
  • ✅ Tutorials & detailed explanations
  • ✅ Mobility, warmups & cooldowns 
  • ✅ Training plan that adjusts to you and don’t have a time cap on it 
  • ✅ Mastery system that guides when to progress and how to progress 
  • ✅ Assessment that helps you understand where are you on your journey 
  • ✅ HD videos & explanations showing you how to perform the movement correctly
  • ✅ Expert guidance help you troubleshoot your progress and correct your form 
  • ✅ Feel supported and encouraged in our private Facebook group – for students and coaches
  • ✅ Know exactly what you’re doing every step of the way with continual feedback on your form and questions answered by our expert coaches.
  • ✅ Purchase risk-free, safe in the knowledge that WODprep offers a full money back guarantee if you don’t see the amazing results previous athletes have!
  • ✅ Lifetime access to updates, additions, and bonuses – including
  • ✅ Receive personalized interaction with TMA’s Coaches and broken down video analysis of your movement.

That on its own it’s worth THOUSANDS of dollars💸.

But on the top of the content you also get an AI system that every day creates a personalised training program just for you. 

We could package each skill separately and charge you $100-$500 for each to access them separately with an 8 week training program just like our competitors do.

And that would probably be more reflective of the value and the amount of work that went into creating those “courses” for each of the skills. 

Also, it would make way more business sense and we would make more profits.

After training thousands of athletes we really despise the idea of giving you another 8 week [insert appropriately handstand, muscle, up, upper body ) program. 


Here is why​​: ❓❓

  • Fitness should never have a deadline ⏳

We see fitness as a lifelong journey of physical mastery – not something you do for 8 weeks. 


  • NO, you will not learn muscle up in 8 weeks 🔒🔑

Depending where are you starting the skills you are trying to build can take months to build appropriate strength and mobility – assuming that 8 weeks will give you what you need it’s INSANE – everyone goes at its own pace, building strength and improving mobility takes time and it needs to be done step by step changes to your body take time.

  • We would rather see you healthy and 💪strong than have a six pack
  • You should be able to afford it 💰📲

We would rather have our training accessible than asking you to pay 200$ for an 8 week set up ​, 

It’s more important for us that you stick with your life long journey than  pay  money up front.

  • Fitness needs to be personalised 🎯

At The Movement Athlete we really despise beginner / intermediate/ advanced setup . we are all different, we are different on a variety of attributes. If something we should have 1–20 different levels than just 3.

  • There is not a single right philosophy ✔️

As coaches we are constantly learning and evolving. Most of the programs that you see on the market are centered around a single person and their philosophy. Instead of relying on someones single experience instead we decided to bring a team of coaches from different backgrounds and disciplines. That makes sure that we are challenged and constantly growing and we made a promise that the program will always be evolving.

As you can see – we committed to building a company and the program that simple pdf downloads will not deliver the value we want you to get out of it. 

And with courses we can’t execute on what in The Movement Athlete Academy fitness looks like. 

Personalised, adaptive, lifelong, holistic, progressive, structured, safe, fun

READ MORE: 🧾 Movement Athlete Manifesto


When you become a part of our 👱🧔👩 family you:

1. Take the assessment.🧐

2. We know where you are at on your journey 🏆 hence we know what skills are safe for you to attempt and which ones not yet.

3. Based on that we create a personalised training program just for you where in each workout you are working through progressions and getting closer to your goals.🤸‍♀️

4. As you go along you unlock harder and harder skills.🔐

So next time you see someone selling an 8 week

program think twice. 🤔🤔

🔎🔎We invite you to start building strength and mobility in a consistent structured and progressive manner no matter where you are, and commit to do it for life not for 8 weeks. ​​

So instead of spending 100$ on another Not a PDF to download – but an AI driven system that will create your workouts for you every single day and adjust based on your feedback, do you think that’s worth $3.7 a week ? 

📌We think so and our 20,000 users do to. 

And you might think that at that price point the quality is not good, but our team spent over 3 years building this program and with the support of our investors from Adidas family we were able to deliver a product that reflects that value and offer it to you at a very affordable price.

Are you ready to become your best self with the

support of a step by step system to guide you to

superhuman strength? 💪💪💪

We are waiting for you.

See you on the other side!


Start your life-changing journey with calisthenics and get lean, strong and mobile while unlocking and mastering over 100 new gymnastics & calisthenics skills.

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