How to workout duirng the corona virus

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 Table of Contents:

1. 🤔What is Front lever? 

Your secret to strong shoulders, insane core & healthy spine🏆


2. 👉Front lever muscles used & requirements 

Since this is a calisthenics exercise, you’ll be using all of your muscles, but there are major players helping you perform the move.


3. 🎯Benefits of front lever

Mastering a calisthenics skill is just one aspect of fitness. What you

experience and learn from the journey is what that truly matters. 

4. 📌What it takes to learn the front lever?

The perfect program can set your path, but having the core values and right mindset will actually get you to your goal.

5. 🔑How to perform a perfect front lever

Getting to the position is already a difficult task. Holding it beholds much more of a challenge.

6. ☑️The most effective front lever progression

There are also tons of progressions you can choose from to learn the front lever. But if you want to learn in an efficient, effective, safe and fun way, then this progression is for you.


7. 🔎Pros share the best tips on how to improve

front lever   

If you’re on your way to getting your front lever but you’re not quite there yet, here are the pro’s advice on how to improve your front lever!

8. ❤️ The 5 most effective front lever exercises

for fast progress

There are tons of exercises you can choose from but there are top-notch exercises that deliver better results specific for your front lever journey compared to others.


9. 🤗 How to train the front lever without getting


Front lever is no easy feat. As a result, there would be risk involved in learning the movement.


10. 💡 How to create the most effective front lever

workout for your level

If your goal is the front lever, the best start is to learn what are the requirements and what you need to unlock the front lever.


11. 👊 Front Lever VS Back lever

Know and visualize the important muscles being activated for front and back lever:


12. 🏆What’s next? Front lever variations to try

See what’s there and find what you can do with many dynamic movements from there. Pretty much anything that you can do could be combined together after you unlock front lever.

Take the Front Lever Challenge! 💪💪💪 

Front Lever Ultimate Guide

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with calisthenics