Freestanding Handstand Frog Tuck

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When mastering your handstand, it’s important to include other leg positions to the mix. Don’t get stuck on your regular straight line handstand. Adding variety allows you to completely mastering the move and getting comfortable upside down with any leg positions. It’s great to explore and understand the feeling of each position to completely master the handstand.

Training the handstand with frog tuck leg position allows equal distribution of weight with right and left leg being balanced. It also offers easier balance mechanics over the handstand tucked because the weight of your legs isn’t loaded in front of you. You can use this exercise as a progression for the handstand tuck especially if you’re compensating too much by leaning with your shoulders forward.

Learn this handstand, then soon you can place your legs anywhere during a handstand.


By this point, the only skill you need to have in order to train is a free-standing handstand with whatever leg position you can do.

✅Summarized Benefits

  1. Variety to straight leg position
  2. Improve handstand balance
  3. Understand the feeling of different leg positions.

How to Perform💪

  1. Begin by placing hands on paralette bars.
  2. Kick up into a handstand position.
  3. Bend knees in a frog straddle position.
  4. Hold for a specified time.

👉Keep in mind

When training for this move, you just need to keep in mind what you need in a regular handstand:

  • Shoulders elevated and depressed
  • Keep everything tight
  • Breathe during the exercise hold
  • You might be leaning forward a bit more to compensate your legs being at your side. Try to keep your shoulders in line with your body
  • Arms locked straight
  • Posterior pelvic tilt similar to a hollow body hold.

Coaching Pointers

Starting Position:

Hands on bars

Arms straight


Movement Position:

Jump with both legs

Weight in hands

Arms straight

Legs straddled

Knees bent
Keep everything tight

Posterior pelvic tilt

Finish Position:

Feet on floor

Then repeat


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