How to workout duirng the corona virus


During the recent lockdown, Gareth’s colleague invited him to follow a daily “fitness challenge” that would last a month. Overestimating his capabilities with a poorly designed challenge, Gareth sustained a life-changing injury within just 20 days of the challenge.

After some months of recovery and rehabilitation, Gareth decided to make a change in his fitness journey. He needed something that’s challenging enough but provides a safe progression in his journey. He needed an approach with long-term goals that doesn’t abuse his body.

Upon browsing the endless information on the web, Gareth always ends up with a specific fitness app that shares his fitness goals. He’s pretty hesitant at first, but upon reading the app’s resources and user athletes’ experiences, he knew that he needed to try it out for himself. He went on and pursued The Movement Athlete.

🏆Within just three months of using the app, Gareth already made massive progress that he wished he should have learned about the app and the calisthenics approach since he was younger!

Gareth is now making continuous progress and is slowly eradicating the effects of his previous injuries. He’s getting stronger, more mobile, more resilient to injuries, and feeling younger than ever!

Here’s Gareth’s powerful comeback story with The Movement Athlete.

Injury due to dangerous program masked as a

“challenging workout”

Gareth has always been active in his life. Even when his training frequency got affected by his everyday life, he tried to squeeze in some form of exercise to maintain his shape and health.

During the height of the pandemic lockdown, a colleague asked him to try a fitness challenge. It involves 100 burpees EVERY DAY for a month

Not realizing the dangers of this type of programming and knowing his capabilities, Gareth accepted the challenge. 😞 It didn’t end well for him, I’m afraid.

“I ended up herniating 3 discs in my lower back,

spending 2 months laid on the floor and months of

sciatic pain down my right leg.”🤕

Upon the 20th day of the challenge, Gareth felt a crack in his back. A professional consultation revealed that it’s a bad injury but can still be corrected.

👎Unfortunately for Gareth, this means that he can no longer do the challenge or continue his weightlifting as it may cause more damage to his already damaged spine.

“Injury through stupidity made me look at alternative exercise options.”🤔

Even though injured, Gareth is aware that exercise is still a must for his body, especially as time passes by. 

He has been used to lifting weights 🏋️‍♂️ for the last 20 years, so he wanted to do something more challenging. But he no longer wanted to abuse his body. He wanted to incorporate a lot of stretching, mobility, and flexibility exercises into his regime. 

Gareth wanted to train smarter.👆

“I knew that I am no longer at a time in life when I can be taking any risks anymore.”

Since research is so easy nowadays, Gareth scoured the web to find the best approach compatible with his goals, needs, and lifestyle.

Shared goals and objectives

“I just jumped in and thought I would give it a go because your approach and the language you used really resonated with me.”

He found many potent apps and programs but ultimately, his research led him to The Movement Athlete page

It wasn’t love at first sight, but he got quickly intrigued with the set goals:🎯


It’s promising seeing he’ll get challenged to get stronger and prepare his joints as he gets older at the same time. The more he got into it when he read the other Movement Athletes’ experiences. That was the time when he decided to become a Movement Athlete.

Instant consistency

“Once I got into it, I really started to enjoy it. I have been doing a session at least 5 times a week now for 3 months.”💪

Gareth immediately got hooked with his workouts. Because of that, he was able to maintain a solid form of consistency. Building consistency matters as it eventually carves a path to results.

What made him stay consistent with workouts? 🧐

Fits his schedule ⏱

“By a session I mean ranging from a 15 min session to 45 minutes.”

One reason is that his workouts now fit his schedule. Even if he’s busy or out of town for work, he manages to work out.

📌The TMA app provides him a structured program even with different workout durations. This allows him to create a workout within his schedule, no matter how busy he can get and no matter where he is.

✅ Life-long continuous progress

As a result of his consistency within three short months, he has developed his body in a way he has never ever thought of.🏆

“I spent years at the gym 🏋️‍♂️ killing myself to get even the smallest change in my body, which, if I didn’t maintain religiously, would fade in a week.”

His progress isn’t just for the short term. It’s for the long run. It’s no longer about just getting stronger and getting leaner. Increasing the range and quality of movement is now part of the game.

Each training, Gareth gets small but incremental progress. He can track his progress with the app’s user-friendly interface. The Movement Athlete designed it in a way to look as if he’s only playing a game to progress. 

As he reviewed his little progress, he was shocked 😲 to have felt his new empowered body in the real world. 💪

When he needed to run up a flight of stairs, he was surprised that he didn’t need to catch his breath or felt any pain afterward. The task that used to be so exhausting became a piece of cake after his months of training.

✅ Safe progress through progressive & adaptive calisthenics

🤜 He made progress thanks to the progressive approach to calisthenics. This means that the exercises are programmed to take incremental steps as he gets stronger. The stronger he gets, the harder exercises get but in a manner adjusted to his capabilities. This process allows progress without causing any risk of injury by jumping in too fast on an exercise.

For example, Gareth has never been able to do pull-ups, even with his weightlifting background. But the app guided him through the pull-up fundamental, and he felt the slow training taking its effects. He can see and feel he’s getting stronger, and he’s much more aware with the body. 😎

He can also make workouts short or adjust his rep range if he’s feeling too tired at the moment. The Movement Athlete offers an adaptive program that adapts to energy levels so that Gareth can always maximize his training time even during his “downs and lows.”

✅ His own virtual lifelong personalised coach

“In the end, I knew that I needed professional help long term, and I don’t want to pay a personal trainer for the next 10 years.”

Aside from the progress approach, The Movement Athlete amps up his training efficiency by providing a personalised program. It’s as if he has a personal coach training him.

The personalisation helped him progress much faster and safer. The instructional videos 🤳provided excellent references for the exercises, just like a coach showing him how it’s done at a fraction of the cost.

the movement athlete calisthenics app

✅ Inclusion of mobility and flexibility

“The stretching 🤸‍♂️ for me is the most fundamental part.”

Another thing he loves about the app is its focus on mobility and flexibility through stretching.

Over the years, due to stress weightlifting applied to his body and not doing the right kind of stretches, he caused long-term damage to his body. Mobility and flexibility are the core of the exercise program of The Movement Athlete. It’s structured to meet the needs of Gareth or any other person.

Remember that to maximize strength fully; mobility is a must.

The 6 Main Benefits Gareth has gained

since starting Calisthenics and The Movement Athlete

Safe and progressive approach to training

“As things have slowly repaired [after my injury], I knew at age 46 I couldn’t go back and do the same thing that I have been doing for the last 10 years.”

We cannot stop time and its negative impact on our bodies, but we can slow down its effects through exercise.

In Gareth’s case, weightlifting wouldn’t be the most brilliant option to improve his fitness level because of his injury and age.

Thanks to calisthenics, Gareth still managed to improve his body and more because of the added mobility and flexibility component, which he took for granted for many years. 

Aside from that, the progressive approach offers a safe and efficient manner towards his fitness goals.

Convenient workouts

“I needed to find an exercise regime that I could fit around my life rather than the other way round..”

As a businessman with a loving family, scheduling can be hectic. But thanks to TMA’s ability to adjust his program based on his lifestyle, he can always make room for his workouts no matter how long and where he is.

No equipment is needed. All he needs is his mobile phone, his space, and his motivation to move and improve.

Gain and Build Self-Confidence

“I have been doing a session at least 5 times a week now for 3 months.”

Consistency is the key to actually make a program work and reap the benefits from it. Luckily for Gareth, the TMA app allows for consistent training with realistic goals and adaptive and personalised workouts.

Aids recovery

“I am finding that just after a few months, the aches which have afflicted me for years are slowly disappearing.”

After his injury from the very poorly made fitness challenge, Gareth’s pains disappeared faster thanks to recovery workouts of TMA. It’s all about incrementally progressing and increasing the range of motion.

“Lower back pain and pain in the clavicle area of the neck from years of typing at the computer, [gone].”

Not only that, existing aches and pain due to immobility also disappeared thanks to the increased range and quality of movement.

Holistic approach

“I feel my overall fitness has been improving every day.”

TMA isn’t only just about mobility and flexibility, as Gareth focused on. Strength, endurance, muscle, balance, control, and skill are also allocated with proper attention to building a complete body in the long run.

“I see the rest of my body muscle groups starting to emerge I didn’t even know I had.”

Satisfying, productive workout without pain and stiffness

“The feeling that you have completed a hard workout with all the benefits that come with it, but without all the nasty after effects and the extra flexibility and movement rather than stiffness and pain.”

Nothing feels better than accomplishing your workout than not feeling any aches or pains the next day after. It’s all about proper energy allocation, thanks to the adaptive feature of TMA.

But remember that if it’s your first time to workout or after a training hiatus, expect muscle soreness as your body starts to adjust again.


Gareth has only been training with TMA for the past three months but already fell in love with the app and made significant progress with his fitness goals.

Thanks to calisthenics and The Movement Athlete, Gareth has now been:

  • 👊 Making progress every workout in a safe and efficient manner
  • 👊 Working out consistently every week
  • 👊 Recovering from his past injuries and aches
  • 👊 Improving his overall fitness level: strength, physique, mobility, flexibility, endurance, skill
  • 👊 Progressing without the common aches and pains mistakenly associated with progress


In all honesty, I didn’t find anything else [that can compare with the app.] I am a convert!

For Gareth, The Movement Athlete is the only thing that has worked and proved to be successful without causing any negative impacts. 

Gareth’s looking forward to making more growth soon as he trains with his new fitness partner: The Movement Athlete

We asked him for any advice he can give for those who are struggling with their workouts, and here’s what he has to say:

“Just give it a go, and don’t worry if you don’t feel like you see any changes straight away. Results are not going to happen overnight.”

There are times that you might hit a plateau, and the progress seems impossible. It looks like the repetition of the same exercises is not going anywhere. That is normal. It’s part of the journey, just keep in mind to push through and follow a solid program like what we have in The Movement Athlete so you can progressively breakthrough any rut you might be stuck in.

“The crazy thing is that if I could speak now to my 20 and 30-year-old self, I would tell him to commit to the TMA approach and stop messing about with weights.”

Gareth has made the change and is not committed to The Movement Athlete.

Are you ready to make the change? It’s never too late. 



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