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This is the story of Enilson – The Movement Athlete

Enilson has been a lifelong athlete and surfer and

got bored of doing the same old things at the gym.

Doing regular weight lifting over and over. He was

also feeling tightness in his shoulders, and a lack of

mobility and flexibility. Plus, due to the gym not

being exciting, he was starting to miss workouts.


So he had to change his regular routine into something more transferable to surfing and more exciting than weight lifting. He had bought The Movement Athlete ebook and really liked it. He, then, downloaded a couple of Apps from the App Store. He found the other apps to be poorly planned, just throwing out random exercises.

He stumbled upon The Movement Athlete app and thought to give it a try since it looks so good on the website. He never looked for anything else again!

His goals were more strength and just enough muscle, particularly more upper body strength for surfing. He’s motivated to do a 1 arm pushup and a front lever – because they look difficult, they require a lot of strength, and not many people can do those moves. It feels motivating going through the progressions, seeing his progress, and knowing that every workout he is getting a bit closer to those incredible moves

He feels that The Movement Athlete has given him motivation and confidence to eventually reach these incredible moves and that working out has become enjoyable and exciting again for him.

Here is his story on he got mobile, flexible and stronger without getting too bulky.

“I need more strength than muscle”


Enilson, especially as a surfer, needs a good amount of upper body strength for surfing. He needs more strength to control his body rather than getting big and bulky.

“I’m already quite built because I used lots of weights. But it doesn’t really give me the strength I need, the endurance…”

Add that he’s not going to hold any dumbbells or barbells while riding waves. He’s only going to carry his bodyweight. That’s why he needs to get stronger while keeping just enough muscle.

You can still gain pure strength from weight lifting, but there are more issues that Enilson encountered in lifting weights.

Not exciting = no gains

“I’ve got a busy life. I work every day, eight hours a day, so I have to fit [my workout] in. So either get up early and go to the gym before work or late. And because [weight lifting] wasn’t really exciting anymore, I wasn’t really putting any effort really.”

You’ve probably heard this issue in other aspects of people’s lives before. There’s no more excitement anymore so you don’t put much effort anymore. It gets tiring. And since you’re no longer putting in the work, you also no longer get the benefits of working out.

This is not good, especially being a surfer. Surfers still need to train complimentary workouts in order to improve.

Enilson needs to find the spark again to get motivated to reach his goal.

Mobility wipeout

“[Weight lifting] was kind of getting in the way of surfing, because you were really tight. So you don’t have a lot of flexibility. So I ended up having my shoulders really tight. Mobility is really bad.”

This is a huge issue not only for a surfer, but for any other regular individual who wants to be healthy.

Mobility and flexibility play a huge role in our everyday function. Having limited mobility will cause much discomfort and distress in simple and basic movements. Now imagine Enilson’s case, having more complicated movements during surfing with limited mobility will be catastrophic.

Something needs to change.

Enilson thought that calisthenics would be a great ideal, and good thing he thought about it. He was right!

The Movement Athlete wasn’t the first app he tried. He checked out other calisthenics apps that resulted only in disappointment.

“This is the first one that I stuck to. The previous ones that I looked at, I had some others for just tracking gym stuff, workouts that I was doing. Everything is always quite hard to use. Lots of bugs. It didn’t really do what it said it would do.”

Other apps didn’t live to what they were offering. These apps were not made with quality technical-wise in calisthenics and even coding-wise. Enilson added,

“They were really basic and the features weren’t good. Their routines weren’t really well planned. They were just like random exercises.”

Other apps just made a strict one-fits all program that doesn’t really cater much to any individual. While other apps just threw random exercises together to produce a “good” workout.

These types of apps don’t work and Enilson figured that out immediately.

He soon turned to check out a calisthenics ebook. After a month, he immediately noticed good results, but he was looking for more.

After a quick search on the net, he found the gem of calisthenics apps, The Movement Athlete.

Free dip of toes in the water first

“There was a trial thing for a week, so I got for the free trial. I used it for a week. I thought this seems like it does what it says it was supposed to do. It looks like should be a lot of improvement on the stuff that I had seen and that’s why I thought it was worth it.”

The Movement Athlete app offers a 7-day trial period. From here, you’ll get full access for 7 days so you can get a feel of what the app can do.

When Enilson first checked out the app on the website, he thought it looked good. When he finally used the trial, he confirmed that the app gets the results he’s looking for.

Crystal clear videos and progressions

“With the trial, you can see the videos and you can see what the progressions are and I thought the quality of the videos is really good.”

As said earlier, upon using the trial mode, you’ll get to feel what the app can fully do.

With the app, high-quality videos provide an excellent guide to the progressions you need to do. Crystal clear videos with full instructions. You’ll not get lost in doing the exercises.

So being a beginner in calisthenics is never an excuse to train with The Movement Athlete!

Also, in calisthenics, progressions are the key in order to… well, progress. Every move, skill or goal needs a step-by-step guide in order to achieve it. Progressions are the step-by-step guide and with the app, your workout will be structured in the most efficient, effective and fun way to get you there.

Skill work satisfaction

One of the factors calisthenics draws people is skill work. Not every day you see a random person doing a lever, planche or muscle-up variation. These skill exercises are difficult but very attainable with proper program and dedication. These skill exercises keep people amazed and these keep people training to get them. Enilson is no exception,

“If I can do it within a few months, I can do a front lever, I will be very, very happy.”

The Movement Athlete provides an excellent organized guide in order to get you whatever skill work you would love to get. You don’t need to think about what you need to do. All you need to do is do.

Just trust the process and know that The Movement Athlete will get you there.


the movement athlete calisthenics app

The Movement Athlete changed me

“It’s just really given me a lot of motivation and confidence that I can progress and can go through the exercises and go through the progressions and achieve the goal that I want.

 It’s changed me. I enjoy going to the gym again. I enjoy following a routine and I’m having a good time with it.”

As said earlier, Enilson goes to the gym to lift weights, but he’s getting tired of it. Now, he’s still going to the gym but doing calisthenics with the help of The Movement Athlete.

Achieving a goal is challenging especially if you don’t like the process you’re going through. This will cause you to get tired and eventually quit your goal. But if you’re like Enilson, who now loves calisthenics and The Movement Athlete, getting motivated and confident to train is easy. So achieving the goal, while still challenging, gets a lot easier.

Another important thing in working out that you shouldn’t forget is having fun and a good time with the journey.

The Movement Athlete and calisthenics changed Enilson to a better version of himself.


The Main Benefits our Surfer has gained

since starting Calisthenics

Steady workouts

One huge factor in training consistently is when you get interested in what you’re doing.

“I was getting really bored. I like to do stuff. I like being outdoors and I like to be active, but just going to the gym and lifting weights, it wasn’t doing for me. I was missing the gym lots of times. With The Movement Athlete, it’s different. I want to be there at least three times a week to go through all the stuff that I want to act as quickly as possible. “

You can’t blame Enilson if he’s skipping some of his workout sessions. His finding it boring and this will only result in a less-than-a-100% workout session; wasted time, wasted effort.

With The Movement Athlete and calisthenics, Enilson always completes his workout routine with full effort and enjoyment consistently. This results in maximum gains and better overall life overtime. No losses.

Progressive training

Another motivation booster is seeing and feeling your progress.

I like the fact that you got progressions and you can see as you move through each step that you’re closer to doing the thing that looks really hard that you could never do.”

Enilson now journeys efficiently and effectively in calisthenics. Getting step-by-step stronger and better in each training because each workout is well-planned and structured for success through progressions.

Real strength gains

We’ve established earlier on that Enilson’s looking to get stronger while keeping his just enough muscular build. With calisthenics, he does exactly that,

“The fact that my body still looks good, like still toned. Still, have muscles, but there’s the strength. With weight training, sometimes you lift all the weights, but you’re not really strong. If you’re a big guy but you can’t do like 10 pull-ups or something like that.”

Calisthenics provides an excellent way to gain strength as long as properly guided.

People’s common notion with calisthenics is that it’s only for beginners and you can’t build strength and muscle with it. That’s what they think because they haven’t done the appropriate progressions for them. With The Movement Athlete, you don’t need to look for the proper progress because it’s already covered for you. You’ll immediately gain strength in no time!

Mobility and Flexibility gains

Strength and muscle aren’t the only important aspects of fitness. Mobility and flexibility are also major factors in fitness. Luckily, The Movement Athlete already handles it for you.

“The great thing about this style of training that you’ll get stronger, you’re still building muscle, but you’re working on your mobility. You’re working on your stretching and your flexibility.”

Enilson benefits a lot from this especially since motions in surfing require much mobility and flexibility of the upper body. Speaking for these gains, this also has a huge transfer to another aspect of life.

Age isn’t going to be a problem

Not only mobility and flexibility play a role in surfing, but they also help in your everyday life while aging.

“That’s really important to me, especially when you get to your 40s and you want to keep going exercising. Or I want to keep surfing until I’m in my 60s or my 70s, so I need to be really careful with my flexibility and mobility.”

As said earlier, mobility and flexibility keep your body unrestricted with any movement you do. As your age catches on, physiological changes could put limitations in your movement, but if you still train regularly with calisthenics and The Movement Athlete, then there isn’t going to be any problem.

Enilson is now enjoying every training session and doesn’t feel like he’s doing a chore. He benefits massively in training with calisthenics and The Movement Athlete. He benefits as a surfer and also a person holistically.

Just some of the benefits he now enjoys are:

  • Steady workout sessions without skipping any because he’s fully motivated and enjoying the process
  • Sure progressive training since his workout program are well structured and has a complete progression list planned accordingly to his goals
  • Strength gains without getting too bulky
  • Improved mobility and flexibility which also means:
  • Better health and wellness as time goes by

Enilson loves the app especially it complements well with surfing. He’s living a happier and fuller life because of it and here’s what he has to say about the app:

I would definitely recommend it. I’ve already recommended it to a few people that I know they are active and do all the things like Pilates, yoga, and they like working on their strength and they want to. If you enjoy it, go and take a look at the app because it’s definitely worth it.

You have nothing to lose with the 7-day trial so hear Enilson’s advice and give it a shot.

Train with calisthenics. Train with The Movement Athlete. 



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